Modern ways to Prevent your Hair from Falling

Prevent your Hair from Falling

Hair fall does not choose its victim. Anyone, be it a male or female, can be a prey to hair fall at any point in life depending on their lifestyle, age and genetics. Watching those hair strands betray you every time you comb hair is an unpleasant reminder of how little attention you pay to your hair. Worry not! In today’s modern world of endless choices, there are effective ways and treatments by which you can prevent hair fall. Breakthroughs in hair loss treatments have made it easier than ever before to regain luscious, healthy hair again. But you need to be very careful with the treatment you choose and from where you get it done. Reputed skin care clinics like AAYNA provide tested and proven hair loss treatments that have helped many people regain their natural hair.

Listed below are some treatments that are very effective in controlling hair fall:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment:  This FDA approved treatment encourages hair growth and promotes soft tissue healing. The treatment made headlines in the past when elite athletes preferred it to recover from injuries and saw some brilliant results. This ground breaking non-surgical treatment uses regenerative properties of blood platelets to induce tissue repair and tissue regeneration. Doctors inject the solution into the scalp as a way to reduce inflammation. Since the procedure involves use of one’s own blood to regenerate hair follicles, it is completely safe, with no side-effects. Moreover, it is a long lasting solution to hair fall when compared to traditional painful injections.

Rene Furterer Hair Spa: Rene Furterer is a holistic hair care line from France that works on achieving optimal scalp and hair health. Their customized treatments, as per individual’s needs, are available at the AAYNA clinic. Here there is a team of experienced hair care professionals who use innovative and indulgent hair care methods to prevent hair fall. The treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the scalp and hair condition. It involves usage of basic products for all hair types, from dry to oily. It has been found to be very effective in dealing with hair problems like hair thinning, breakage and dandruff.

Root Deep Hair Spa: this advanced therapy works on treating the actual cause of concern. It involves using a mixture of nourishing oils, plant amino acids and phyto nutrients similar to hair protein-KERATIN. Ingredients used are high quality and free from any chemicals. The therapy nourishes the scalp, improves follicular growth and addresses all major causes of hair fall.

(You can avail all the above mentioned treatments at the AAYNA clinic, which is known for its cosmetic and dermatology treatments including Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment. )

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