How Can Breast Reduction With Lift Technique Improve Women’s Lifestyle?

Breast Reduction With Lift Technique

Breast reduction is a popular technique which is used to reduce a women’s chest size. Women with overly larger breasts often complain of back and neck aches. They also face a difficulty in looking for appropriate under garments and often get disturbed of being criticized for the abnormal size of their breasts. Also, women often face sensory problems in the chest areas when their breasts are too large and drooping. Apart from these health issues, women feel embarrassed of their breast sizes and hesitate to excel in the society. For cases where women may lead a unhappy lifestyle due to their overly large breasts, doctors often recommend a breast reduction surgery with lift.

Breast Reduction With Lift – Combination Surgery

Breast reduction surgery and breasts lifts are combination surgery, that are recommended by surgeons to women with abnormally grown breasts. Women with the drooping breasts can benefit greatly from additional breast lift operation. Breast reduction with lift operation may be required in cases when reducing the breast size may not be much effective since they are drooping and falling flatly on the chest. Breast lift is necessary in such cases to remodel the appearance and make the breasts appear more attractive. There are many breast reduction surgeons who can perform reduction and breast lift operation at the same time to give patient an opportunity to avoid having two different surgical procedures weeks apart from each other.

Factors to Be Considered Before Breast Reduction with Lift Operation

There are several factors that need to be checked before you undergo a breast reduction with lift surgery. The surgeons will always check the woman’s overall anatomy and body shape before recommending the procedure. There are times when the breast reduction procedure may be affected by the asymmetrical values of both mammary glands. Also, before recommending a breast reduction with lift procedure, doctors consider the amount of fat cells present in the body as well as in the chest area and also check the overall health and physical state of the skin in the chest area. The skin of some women may not be as accommodating as others when it comes to elasticity and tone.

Surgical Process

The actual breast reduction with lift surgical process involves making some incisions to  facilitate the removal of excess fat, tissue from the breasts. Sometimes, some of the glands are also removed during the breast reduction surgery. These types of incisions are usually made in hidden places like the folds of the breasts to avoid any noticeable scars and marks. Depending of the condition, surgeons may also need to stitch the leftover fat and tissue together. In most cases, doctors recommend the relocation of the nipple as it is necessary in breast reduction surgery.

When it comes the breast lifting procedure, doctors usually utilize an implant to acquire the desired lift that the patient wants. In breast reduction with lift surgery, the recovery period is pretty much the same with just one of these two procedures.

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