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What Should You Know About Dental Implants?

Dental Implants

It can usually go without saying that most people feel more comfortable about getting a procedure done when they know all about what happens in the process. With that being said, there are some procedures out there that are more complicated than others, and harder to explain. Thankfully, getting a dental implant is a procedure […]

Benefits of Dental Surgery

Pediatric Dentist

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth. A patient who gets dental implants undergoes a quick and relatively painless dental surgery. If having a gap in your set has been your problem and wearing dentures doesn’t solve it, you can opt for dental surgery. Dental implants are the replacements of tooth roots. They offer […]

Roles of Dental Care Professionals in the Community

orthodontic seminars for a general dentist

Being a dentist is not just a profession because you have a big role to play in the community. You are not just working to practice your profession in the field of dentistry, but you are also providing services to every citizen, who are residents and visitors of that particular area, where you have chosen […]

Find The Best Professional for your TMJ and Jaw Pain problems

Jaw Pain problems

TMJ disorder is a problem that millions of people are dealing with today. It is a disorder that is associated with Jawbone joint. TMJ or Temporo-mandibular joint disorder is a painful condition, which causes minor discomfort to major pain and it can also affect to other associated parts of the body. There are different medical […]

What’s Sleep Apnea And How Your Dentist Can Help You

Dentist Can Help You

Have you ever experienced sleeping with someone who suddenly snores loudly in the middle of the night? It can be very annoying especially for those who have a low tolerance in these kinds of noise. If you have had issues with sleep apnea or snoring, you may want to continue reading. It has been confirmed […]

Benefits of Going to Regular Dental Visits

Regular Dental Visits

You have to keep your gums and teeth as healthy as possible with constant flossing and brushing. Therefore, you will be able to prevent severe issues that could happen in our mouths. By maintaining dental hygiene and going to regular checkups in prominent ordinations such as Wendel Dental in Vancouver, so that you can handle […]

Cosmetic Dentistry with The Art of Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry is a Toronto based company in Yorkville is one of the dentistry services in the city as well as the surrounding areas. Every member is highly professional, highly skilled and highly regarded. Many advanced as well as simple procedures are performed there to the complete satisfaction of every patient. The team […]

Invisalign – Orthodontic treatment to brighten your smile


Invisalign, quite a new word but often heard in this century especially. Now, if we are really, really lucky, we may only visit our local dental surgeon for an annual check-up. However, most kids, adolescents and adults alike more often than not require some form of dental or orthodontic remedial treatment during their lives. Alignment […]

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