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Five Things No One Tells You About Alopecia

Things No One Tells You About Alopecia

Alopecia is the partial or complete loss of hair. There are several factors that can cause alopecia, such as genetics, certain medications, skin infections, trauma or vitamin deficiency, among others. Alopecia in itself doesn’t cause physical pain, but what many people ignore is that it can cause severe emotional agony. It might seem superficial to […]

Hair loss due to Pregnancy

Hair loss due to Pregnancy

To be a mother is the most rewarding experience for almost every woman. Nevertheless, motherhood comes with certain challenges which might be not easy for many women. The changes brought by pregnancy can be biologically and physically and it does demands a mother to be patient, gentle and tolerant. Three months after delivery is the […]

Which Medications Can Cause Hair Loss?

Medications Can Cause Hair Loss

Alopecia, or hair loss, is a common condition that strikes both women and men during their lives because of genetics, health-related issues,and medications. Some of them are temporary while others are permanent and you will not be able to do anything about it. Since the main reason for male pattern baldness is DHT, which is […]

Embrace Natural Hair Products for Hair Care and Styling!

Natural Hair Products for Hair Care

Hair care is a vast concept in this 21st century. Since there is a lot of pollution, and you are surrounded by pollutants all the time; it gets important that you pay attention to your hair care. In the absence of proper hair care, you might encounter severe hair issues like dandruff, heavy hair fall, […]

Laser Hair Removal: Benefits and Side Effects

Removing unwanted hair anywhere on your body can be a difficult task. Many people to struggle to get the hair out of their way and end up doing a shabby job of removing hair. They also end up injuring themselves in the process. Also, this has to be frequently done since the hair grows back. […]

Experience a life changing journey with hair transplant!

hair transplant

 Not everyone can imagine what a person is going through, when he starts to notice his hairline receding. It would completely knock his confidence. What if you are going through such trauma? You would soon resort to various shampoos and products available in the market in the hope of regaining the lost hair. As statistics […]

Modern ways to Prevent your Hair from Falling

Prevent your Hair from Falling

Hair fall does not choose its victim. Anyone, be it a male or female, can be a prey to hair fall at any point in life depending on their lifestyle, age and genetics. Watching those hair strands betray you every time you comb hair is an unpleasant reminder of how little attention you pay to […]

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