Five Things No One Tells You About Alopecia

Things No One Tells You About Alopecia

Alopecia is the partial or complete loss of hair. There are several factors that can cause alopecia, such as genetics, certain medications, skin infections, trauma or vitamin deficiency, among others.

Alopecia in itself doesn’t cause physical pain, but what many people ignore is that it can cause severe emotional agony. It might seem superficial to some, that the loss of hair can have such a profound impact. But hair is not just a nerve-free part of our bodies, especially for women, hair can be used a form of expression, is part of the identity of a woman.

It Can Be Traumatic

Losing one’s hair can be a traumatic experience. It is losing a part of yourself. What makes it even more frustrating and painful is that in many cases it is not known when the hair will grow back. It can become a long ailment that creates a lot of uncertainty, and issues with self-image. Even to the point of creating an identity crisis.

It can affect anyone

It can seem like alopecia is a condition that affects women in particular, but the reality is that it affects men and women alike. It does not discriminate by gender or race. Even if men can seem less attached to their hair, suffering from alopecia can also cause them emotional pain as well. Which takes me to the next point.

Men Have It Harder to Find Empathy

Socially, women get more empathy when suffering from alopecia. People, in general, tend to have a deeper understanding of what hair means to women, and its importance.

However, men, on the other hand, tend to get less empathy when they lose their hair. It is expected that men should not be vain, and that hair is just an accessory, more than part of their being. This causes an even deeper emotional pain for men.

We cannot judge what hair means to each gender or to each person, which is why it is crucial to show empathy equally for both sexes.

There Are Ways to Deal with It

There is still no proven cure to treat alopecia. Science still needs to find a solution to this problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Nevertheless, you can find ways to cope with it, you can look for human hair alternatives in the form of a wig. Thanks to technology and the amazing craft of wig artisans you can get a wig that can match your natural hair colour, and style it how you choose.

You Don’t Have to Let It Define You

You are not your hair; your hair is a part of you. Losing your hair IS traumatic, painful and discouraging. But you should not let such a loss define you. You are not alopecia; you are someone suffering from alopecia. There are great support groups to share your experience and learn from other’s experience.

It is common and normal for people who are suffering from this condition to feel certain alienation in their emotions, especially with those close to them. Since it can be a difficult situation to relate to, everyone can imagine what it would be like to lose your hair, but only those who have gone through this can have a true understanding of the situation and the emotional whirlpool that accompanies it.  

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