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 Not everyone can imagine what a person is going through, when he starts to notice his hairline receding. It would completely knock his confidence. What if you are going through such trauma? You would soon resort to various shampoos and products available in the market in the hope of regaining the lost hair.

As statistics suggest that hair loss related searches have increased considerably. What could be the reason? The reason could be vanity i.e. the need to look good. No, this couldn’t be the only reason. Another, possibility is increase in stress and lifestyles people are opting for. There can be many factors that can cause baldness such as pollution, stress, nutritional deficiency, and medical condition etc. If your hair loss is due to your stressful lifestyle then a few lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

And, if your baldness has reached to a stage where you are desperately looking for a help then we suggest you go for hair transplant. Now, the question is from where should you get your hair transplant done? The internet is flooded with tons and tons of sites and doctors that promise 100% hair growth. But don’t fall prey to such sites or clinics that make false promises. If you see the current scenario, hair transplant Toronto has not only managed to attract people from other cities but also from its neighboring countries. This is due to availability of the best hair transplant surgeon in Toronto. But, how to identify the best surgeon so that you don’t regret later?

One such way is to visit Clinicspots, which will help you find the best hair transplant doctors in Toronto or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Additionally, you can also book appointments online, compare services and prices offered by different doctors and hospitals.

 There are various factors you should look for while choosing a clinic for hair transplant such as:

Surgeon’s background:

The first thing you should check is the credentials and the review of the doctor you are choosing. You should also check whether your hair surgeon is accredited with prestigious hair restoration societies. The doctor should have received a board certification to be working as a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. If you want to make sure that you are choosing the right surgeon, you should ask the doctor to provide the before-and-after photos of hair restoration patients. This will help you in decision making and look at the result.

Technique used:

It becomes important you do a thorough research on what kind of hair surgery a clinic has to offer. There are two types of hair restoration i.e FUT and FUE. So, if you believe that you need an FUE hair transplant but actually a PRP treatment might work best for you.


This is the most important factor you look for while choosing a clinic. But if a clinic is using the latest technology and provides the result you desire. Then we don’t think you should think twice before spending more.

Consultation before-hand:

You need to look if your clinic offers a consultation so that you can discuss what is causing your hair loose and which treatments works best for you.

Why should you choose Toronto for hair transplant?

Toronto is the one of the most popular destination if you are looking for best-in-class hair transplant clinics. The city offers some of the world-class hospitals and clinics. And the professionals working for these hospitals are known for their compassion they have for their patients.

On top of this, the cost of hair transplant in Toronto makes it a cheaper option when compared to the other cities in Canada. The hair surgeons in Toronto won’t comprise on quality of service they provide. They will make sure their patients get the most natural results. There are two main methods of hair restoration techniques i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. Though, the clinics across Toronto also provide other techniques such as Robotic Hair Transplant, Body Hair Transplant, etc.

And if you have already decided to come to Toronto for the hair transplant then let me give you some insights about the cost.

In Toronto, the cost of the hair transplant can go up to $9,000 and it can be on a lower end too i.e. $4,000 plus tax. If price is a concerning factor for you then we suggest you consult your doctor beforehand. The doctor will give you a customized rate according to your needs. This will help you align your needs to the treatment offered by the surgeon. The number of grafts used for your transplants and the location of the graft will also be the determining factor. As explained earlier, the cost might also depend on the treatment suggested by your doctor. For your information, 1 graft has 1-4 hairs and on average 500 and 2,500 grafts of hair is implanted.

What’s your take away from the article?

Don’t be a victim, take control now! If you want to find the best hair transplant surgeon in Toronto there are lot of ways. This will help you find the genuine hair clinic. Every clinic claims to be the best in their fields. And every one of them seems to have all the logos and seals that prove they are the top-rated hair transplant doctors. But, do these really mean anything? Not necessarily. The hair loss societies these doctors are associated with do not make them a genuine one.

But how the doctor dedicates his time on you in order to document your specific characteristics such as photos and measurements. That will further allow him to explain you the possibilities of each treatments. This actually tells a lot about the doctor and his service. You should look out for a hair surgeon’s ‘doctor only’ approach. And, where would you find such hair restoration surgeons? The answer is Toronto. So what are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself to have a consultation with some of the best hair transplant doctors in Toronto.

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