Getting to know about Chronic Leukemia

Chronic Leukemia

Leukemia is considered to be a disease related to the bone marrow and blood. It occurs due to genetic pre-disposition to cancer. This disease is said to affect maturation’s cellular process, thereby causing immature blood cells within the blood stream and spinal marrow to accumulate. In few cases, incomplete cells are also caused by leukemia to multiply quickly. Abnormal blood cells on the other hand tend to come with prolonged life period and do persist within the different parts of the body. For the normal blood cells, it is not possible for incomplete blood cells to substitute, since they will not be able to perform their roles. The leukemia affected cells therefore are found to be incompatible with organism and might cause serious damage.

Know the types

Based upon their development speed and disorder persistence, leukemia is of two types, namely, chronic leukemia and acute leukemia. Judging by the stem cell types that are affected due to this disorder, leukemic could be either myelogenous or lymphocytic.

Acute leukemia

This is found to be different from that of chronic leukemia, with the fact that stem cells do not have the capacity to reach in development. The stem cells presenting anomalies manage to develop partially and to resemble immature or incomplete cells, normal WBC.

According to the experts, acute leukemia is considered to be a type of cancer which develops very quickly. It is due to blood of immature cells in the blood which are not able to fulfill the normal blood cell functions. The marrow for acute leukemia is not able to produce RBC, WBC and platelets in normal quantities. Also there is witnessed reduced WBC numbers that reduces the ability of the body to overcome infections. Moreover, lack of platelets only supports bleeding and inflammation!

Chronic leukemia

This disease develops much slower when compared to acute leukemia. The body in this case is in a position to create blood cells which are more mature when compared to those produced for acute leukemia. Even though, the cells might look incomplete, they are not in a position to fulfill their responsibilities and roles within the organism. They just cluster at the body’s different levels. Also, they have longer life period.

Lymphocytic type of chronic leukemia is said to affect blood cell type known as B lymphocyte. The immune system is weakened by this disease and the spinal marrow’s normal functioning is interfered with. It also facilitates harmful cell access to the body organs. At the bone marrow levels occurs chronic lymphocytic leukemia. However, this disease is likely to spread to the different parts tissue and organs via the bloodstream.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia presence is found with thorough body examination and series of blood tests. Some people might not display symptom, while others may experience lack of concentration, fatigue, memory loss, poor balance, deterioration of hearing and vision, body weakness, vertigos, bone and joint pains. Immediate and specific treatment as well as therapy will be required for chronic leukemia.

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