February 26, 2021

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Stuttering- Its Symptoms and Causes

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Generally, it is not possible for a kid to speak fluently as soon as it starts to speak. From the age of 2 to 6 they use to repeat the words, sentence, and sounds. Most of the kids will start to speak fluently after a certain age, but for some kids, it continues even after a grown-up stage. Their facial muscles may tense up and they may feel hard to speak. This problem is referred to as “stuttering”. It is, of course, a frustrating problem where the individual feels harder to speak, lacks in confidence and feel shy in front of others.

There are certain treatments and centers to help you to cure the problem and to have a fluent language. To find them you can search for the best speech therapist in India and you may choose the best one in the list of options that you may get.

Symptoms of stuttering

The symptoms are so obvious and easily you may find from hearing to the person’s speech.

  • Some people may struggle to speak like repeating the first sound of the word like, for where they use to pronounce as “w… w… w… where”
  • Other people with a similar problem may prolong certain words like “My graaaaaadma will come now” they may also repeat a few words in the sentence.
  • Some physical actions will also differ from common people, they will keep rolling the eyes back and shake head, they may also blind their eyes or tighten mouth muscles.

When you find these symptoms personally or from the people around you it is better to take them to the better speech stammering cure center since these may lead to creating a negative impact on the person’s life. There are a number of the stammering cure centre in Delhi and choose them for the right treatment people in Delhi can also use the options of having training through the online mode as well.

Stuttering at the beginning stage

Generally, all the children will have to stutter in the age of 18-24 months because it is the time the child is developing its vocabulary and starting to speak a language. When times moves the child will automatically put the words together and need to speak fluently. In case the child is affected by this issue such stuttering will not get stopped even after the age of 5 and certain other differences in face and body activities will be seen. At this stage, it is necessary to consult to the right specialist and get the issue cleared for the bright future of your kid.

 Causes of stuttering

Even after the number of researches, the causes are not so clear but it is found that these can be certain reasons.

  • Genetic
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Some medical issues and injury in the brain
  • Issues related to mental health and emotions

Communication is the key factor to be successful, it is important for proper communication and to have them efficiently. So make sure you are equipping yourself and also taking care of your children to have better communication. Consult with the right specialist and choose and have good remedies to solve the issue.

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