March 1, 2021

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Major Features Associated With Prenatal Yoga

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Your ego should be put on the back bench if you are planning to enrol in prenatal classes in Bangalore. It is one of the best forms of exercises which you can do for yourself along with the growing baby. The key is to find the right form of yoga practice for you. Be it going to a class or practicing yoga in the comfort of your room, listen to your body and do what feels right for you. Once the baby starts growing you would need an extra amount of stamina along with energy to bear the weight of the baby. The various yoga poses do strengthen the arms, backs, necks or the shoulder.


The balance of the physical body is challenged, as the foetus starts growing in the body. Due to the presence of oestrogen we are a lot drained on an emotional level. Since the focus is on holding and balancing during each pose of yoga, we are trying to establish a balance between the physical and the emotional level in the body.

The nervous system is calmed

Through a deep sense of breathing, the nervous system of the body does go into parasympathetic mode. It is responsible for relaxation and when the mode is in that mode, our digestive systems work much well, immune system is at an optimal level and we are able to sleep well.

Preparing for labour

One is working with each pose of yoga on a conscious level, which proves to be a lot challenging. This transforms into the labour and you tend to overcome the uncomfortable situations through the system of breath work. Once you inhale you feel the tension within your body. With the process of exhale, you tend to eradicate the tensions out of the body.

Increases circulation

Circulation is increased in the joints and the muscles become elongated during practice. Once circulation of blood takes place within our bodies, immunity is enhanced and the swelling decreases to a large extent. All this goes on to create a healthy environment for the thriving baby.

Practice of breath work

It is an efficient tool of labour for contradictions. Once we are breathing at a conscious level, the heart rate along with blood pressure is regulated and it takes into a stage of relaxation. The logic is simple as a calm mama does mean a calm baby as well.

Bond with the baby

 In this form of yoga, it allows you to slow down the body, and the centre of attraction is what happens in your bodies. Once you work with the breath and be part of each pose, you are gradually aware of what is going inside the bodies at the same time. This is that time when we need to take a break from our busy life. In fact, through the practice of yoga, the intention is to take care of the baby and yourself.

Sense of belonging

Once you go through pregnancy classes in Bangalore, you are likely to come across a team who do share the same bond with you. They are also in the stages of pregnancy and you can share your experiences and what could be the future course of action as well. You are well informed and aware before the baby makes their entry.

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