March 1, 2021

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Features Of High-quality Medical Examination Gloves

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Examination gloves are among the most important medical consumables required during surgeries. They are worn in all surgical operations to stop germs and infection to spread and harm patients. They are also worn by surgeons to get a better grip on instruments during the procedures. Clearly, gloves have a major role to play in treatment and thus, a lot of care is needed with their selection. Healthcare providers must not choose these gloves before examining their features and attributes in a thorough manner.

Here are some of features to look in examination gloves –

1#     Decide on the type of materials used

Different types of gloves are available in the market to buy. In fact, a range of materials are used with them including latex, vinyl and nitrile. So, it gets confusing which one to choose and which not. The latex-made gloves are a good choice when allergy concerns are not considered. On the other hand, the nitrile and vinyl-made ones are free from any risk to allergy. So, you can decide which material is fit for your requirements and buy likewise.

2#   Comfort for extended amount of time

In many cases, medical professionals are required to wear gloves for an extended amount of time to do their job effortlessly. So obviously, they would search for a product that delivers comfort no matter how many hours they wear the gloves. For that reason, gloves made of latex and nitrile are considered good and they are thus preferred over the rest. They are created to deliver convenience even in cases where long hours of work are needed.

3#    Suitability for high-risk situations

Medical gloves are used to keep the risks associated with germs and infection away from surgical procedures. So, they should work well for situations that carry high risks like the ones involving infectious material. They also have to resist many chemicals so that patients are not harmed in any way possible. Both the purposes are best served with gloves made of either latex or nitrile. However, the vinyl ones are made to work the best with non-hazardous materials only.

4#    Puncture resistance

Surgeries are high-stake procedures and nothing should go wrong with them. The gloves worn by doctors have to deliver optimum performance to add value to the tasks at hand. The last thing surgeons would want is the gloves getting punctured mid-way through the procedures. So, it makes sense to have gloves that are most puncture resistant. This is why nitrile gloves are preferred the most over other options, including those of latex and vinyl.

5#    Long shelf life

It’s obvious on the part of healthcare providers to buy those gloves that have long shelf life. Good products must be easy to pun on and be fit like if a second skin. Similarly, they should deliver a high-level of touch sensitivity and be economical in nature. Apart from durability benefits, good gloves are those that can mold to the hand and deliver the right fit. This is how surgeries are done with ease and comfort.

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