March 7, 2021

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How To Keep Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

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Weight Loss Resolution

Weight Loss Resolution

As the New Year 2021 approaches, people will be embarking this journey with resolutions, especially ones related to their health and weight. One of the most common New Year resolutions that most people take up is to follow a clean diet and lose weight. However, many people who decide to lose weight every year are unable to keep up with this resolution even for a week.

So, what can you do then? Well, whether your New Year’s resolution is about losing weight or saving money, what’s needed from your end is determination and will to accomplish the goal. When it comes to weight loss as your New Year’s resolution, we believe a change in perspective will help you attain your objective.

Usually, weight loss is wrongly associated with starving. It is not healthy to starve yourself to lose weight. Doing so can harm your body and overall health. However, this New Year’s take your weight loss resolution as a fresh start to accomplish a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how you can keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution until the very end.

  1. Begin by creating a list of things that you plan to give up to lead a healthy life.

For your weight loss regime to be successful this New Year, you must start by enlisting your unhealthy habits. These include drinking, smoking, eating junk food, etc.

Changing or having these small lifestyle habits under control will encourage you to build a routine that helps you stay on your weight loss regime and improve your health as well. Moreover, if you can stop drinking and smoking altogether, it will save you a fortune when buying health insurance plans in India.

  1. Then, create a deadline for yourself.

To accomplish your New Year’s weight loss regime, you must create a deadline for yourself. Having a deadline gives a sense of purpose. Besides, with your main objective, also add small transformation challenges/milestones along the way that will help you achieve your main goal within the set deadline.

  1. Follow it up with a course of action.

Now that everything is chalked out, it is imperative to follow it up with a course of action. First, see what you want to achieve in the said month and plan your days to accomplish the same. It can include different exercise routines, a healthy diet, following up with your doctor/nutritionist, and so on.

Having a course of action planned will encourage you to stick with your weight loss regime. Also, make it a point to keep track of your weight loss every week. You can use the BMI calculator for men or women to determine the weight category you fall under. Keeping track of your BMI will help you plan your weight loss regime in a way that it is most effective to you.

  1. Get your friends and family to support and help you through your new goal.

You can share your New Year’s resolution of losing weight with your friends and family members. It will keep you mindful and accountable as people will start asking you about your goals and how you have been doing whenever they meet.

Further, whenever you feel distracted or deviated from your weight-loss activity, your friends and family can step in and help you gain perspective on the same.

  1. Reward yourself for each goal you achieve over the year.

The path to achieving your New Year’s resolution for weight loss does not have to be tedious and dreadful. As a matter of fact, you can reward yourself with cheat meals once a month or whenever you accomplish the milestones along the way. If cheat meals can deviate you from your objective, you can treat yourself with new clothes for your changing body and other such things that keep you motivated.

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