January 16, 2021

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Why Women Should Buy A Separate Health Insurance Plan

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Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance Plan

A healthy family starts with a healthy woman. From managing the household to dominating her profession, women in our lives play several roles. Modern women are multitaskers. They manage their home and work with grace. However, while doing so much with dedication, most of these women tend to overlook their health issues.

In India, it has been observed that women are more likely to acquire a life-threatening disease as compared to men. Some of the most common health issues that women nowadays face are diabetes, hypertension, polycystic ovaries, female sexual arousal disorder, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Considering the rise in these diseases, women must take care of themselves. Besides following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, women should also consider buying a health insurance plan. Less than 50% of the women population in India have adequate health insurance coverage under their name. Most of these policies are bought by their father or husbands.

One of the primary reasons why women health insurance is not a thing is due to the lack of awareness around it. While there are several insurers in India providing maternity and extensive coverage to female policyholders, the lack of awareness about the facility makes it difficult for them to sell the product.

In this section, we have enlisted two reasons why women should buy a separate health insurance plan. Take a look!

  1. Women have a sedentary lifestyle and rising critical health issues.

Much like any other person, as women get older, their health degrades. Moreover, their medical needs and challenges tend to differ at each stage of life. The reason behind this is the sedentary lifestyle. It has not only affected the health of women but has made dealing with life-threatening diseases complex.

Some of the potential health issues that women can face over her lifetime include cardiovascular diseases, heart issues, breast cancer, osteoporosis, etc. Therefore, women must have a separate health insurance plan. A health insurance plan that is specifically designed for women tends to take into account all the women-related health concerns and provides adequate coverage for the same.

Also, considering the medical costs are on the rise, the expenses for treating these ailments faced by women is humongous. Having the right health insurance policy, like that of Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance, will ensure that women can seek necessary treatment without worrying about medical and hospitalisation expenses.

  1. Maternity Benefits in Health Insurance

One of the unique features of women health insurance plans is that the policy provides maternity benefits. That means, maternity days are covered under the primary health plan, and women do not have to worry about buying maternity cover as an add-on benefit when starting a family.

If anyone buying health insurance for women is worried about the cost of the policy, considering the extensive coverage can use the health insurance premium calculator. The tool will help determine the price of the policy based on the desired coverage. In the end, make sure that the women in your life are protected with her separate health insurance plan.

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