February 26, 2021

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This is How to Deal with Profuse Sweating to Boost Your Confidence

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Profuse Sweating to Boost Your Confidence

Profuse Sweating to Boost Your Confidence

Sweating is healthy, and it is a way in which our bodies get rid of harmful substances from within. Though we all sweat, the intensity of this process differs in that some people sweat more than others. Profuse sweating can be embarrassing, and it can cause low confidence if it is uncontrollable.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition where excess perspiration affects your life. Most people with this condition find it uncomfortable to wear certain kinds of clothes due to the fear of too much sweat showing on them. The following ways will give you your freedom.

Make use of an antiperspirant

profuse sweating to boost your confidence

You can stop profuse armpit sweat by getting a deodorant that does not stain your shirt. Get a clinical antiperspirant that is effective in reducing the amount of sweat on your body. Most regular deodorants do not prevent you from sweating, but they only minimize the stench of bacteria-filled sweat.

Some antiperspirants that are sold in the store are not useful in blocking sweat but only add a pleasant odor. You need one that has high amounts of aluminum chloride that helps in blocking excess sweat from your skin. Your condition requires an antiperspirant that contains more than 10% of aluminum chloride content. A doctor can help you choose the right antiperspirant for your condition. 

Know how to apply it

A lot of people do not use antiperspirants correctly. The morning routine of bathing then applying a deodorant before heading to work is not the correct way to use it. You should apply this substance before sleeping since it takes time to block the excess sweat from your skin.

It is more useful during the night than daytime due to the low temperatures. Your body is also not very active at night meaning it will not produce a lot of sweat. The long hours at night and minimal activity give room for the antiperspirant to work accordingly.  Your skin should also be clean and entirely dry before using deodorant on it. Any residue on the surface prevents the deodorant from stopping profuse sweating.

For it to work, ensure that your armpits are free from hair. This ensures that it gets into direct contact with your skin. Shave the underarms regularly before using a deodorant. You should not apply it immediately after you have trimmed hair on your armpits since it can irritate the skin.  You also need to give it some time to take effect. Consistent use may reduce the sweating. Discontinue use if you get any skin irritation. 

Strategic dressing

Strategic dressing
Strategic dressing

Your wardrobe should change as per the weather. Hyperhidrosis calls for a few tricks when it comes to your dressing. Choose fabrics that are breathable to allow adequate ventilation. This ensures that your body maintains low temperatures so that air can circulate well to keep sweat levels down.

Choose your colors wisely. A lot of bright colors easily reveal sweat. You don’t want clothes that make you feel insecure every time you raise your hands. Look for materials that can absorb most of the sweat.  Colors such as dark blue and black as well as distracting patterns can camouflage the sweat and make you feel comfortable. You can also hide sweat marks using sweatshirts or hoodies.

Check what you consume

Your diet can also affect your sweat levels. Some foods have been known to increase sweating while others reduce this process. For instance, spicy foods affect your body temperature and raise sweat levels. Deep fried, as well as fatty foods, can also make you sweat more than you should.

Instead of such foods, take a lot of vegetable and fruits since they help your digestive system and prevent you from excessive sweating. Also, add your intake of vitamin B since it allows your body organs to function accordingly.

Avoid the use of drugs such as meth and alcohol. These lead to profuse sweating and tamper with the normal function of your organs. You can also get crystal meth addiction from constant use of the drug. Seek help from professional to help you abstain from substance abuse.

You should also replace caffeine and energy drinks with water. Remaining hydrated helps your body maintain low temperatures. This prevents you from excessive sweating and dehydration. When you take a lot of water, your body does not feel the need to release any extra heat.

Remain active

Remain active

Exercising reduces the cortisol which is the stress hormone. It also stimulates the production of endorphins in the body. This allows you to relax and takes care of any pain. It, therefore, reduces excess sweating that is caused by external stressors.

Avoid stress

Stress and sweat go hand in hand. The more you stress about your profuse sweating, the more it worsens. Nervous sweat occurs when your body perceives a dangerous situation even when it is not the case.

Find ways to manage high-stress levels so that your body does not react negatively. Meditation and deep breathing should help you when you encounter a stressful situation. Avoid obsessing over your sweat. Worrying about it is what bring discomfort and affects aspects of your life. 

Try some home remedies

home remedies

If deodorants seem not to manage the problem, it is time you experimented using home remedies. Try apple cider vinegar which works as an astringent. It regulates the production of sweat by tightening the pores on your skin. The natural element also minimizes body odor that is caused by bacteria.

You can either apply it on your skin or drink it.  To apply, saturate a cotton ball into it for some time then place it on your armpits before bed. Wash it off when you wake up during your regular shower. To drink it, mix it with honey and water to improve its taste. This method allows it to dry the skin so that your pores don’t allow excess sweat from getting to the surface.

Sage tea is also a herb that reduces profuse sweating. It has tannic acid which shrinks skin pores and reduces odor.

Final thoughts

Hyperhidrosis is a manageable condition that should not affect your life. Try our strategies above and never have to worry about excess sweat again. All the best!

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