March 1, 2021

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The type of condom you should use, and why

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erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

There are different types of condoms, and you can find the one that works best for you. This article sheds some light on different types of condoms.

Using a condom for sex is necessary – and it’s also fun if you’re using the right kind. Most men make the mistake of buying a popular brand, or one that the pharmacist gave them when they went to buy condoms. But getting the right condom that works for you and your partner is a matter of trial and error – and of knowing that there are different kinds of condoms for different purposes.

These are the different types of condoms you can try out:

* Thin.

These are super thin and manufactured to mimic the skin-on-skin contact that you crave during sex. Most couples who prefer to have sex without condoms, or who dislike the feel of generic condoms in the market (which feel thick and rubbery) can opt for thin condoms from leading brands in India. Though the condom is thin, it is sturdy enough to take even the rigours of rough sex.

* Dotted and ribbed.

These condoms are meant to enhance pleasure for the female partner. Their texture adds a new sensation to each thrust, and stimulates the nerve endings in the vagina. They are also good for couples who like anal sex. This type of condom is recommended for women who are not easily aroused or who do not always experience orgasm during peno-vaginal sex. It also takes the pressure off the man to keep performing to arouse the woman more.

* Performance.

The performance condom is a different type of condom manufactured only by leading brands in India. It serves two functions: It delays climax for him, giving him more time to enjoy having sex and even touching himself or his partner more. Meanwhile, it helps her speed up her orgasm while he thrusts. The condom is best for couples who enjoy variety during sex, and who want to have better orgasms as well.

* Flavoured.

If we’re talking about sex, we should also be talking about oral sex. Always have oral sex with a condom on – some women insist on it because they don’t like the taste and smell of the penis – and when you do, make sure it’s a flavoured condom. The flavoured condom injects a pleasant aroma and taste to oral sex, and it’s fun for the man to receive oral sex with this condom on, too.

All that you need for sex – buy it online

Whatever you need to make sex a pleasant and exciting experience – different types of condoms, lubes, even vibrators – can be bought online. Log on to the manufacturer’s website to browse their range of products and also to check on new lubricants offers online.

You can also ask sex-related queries and doubts to the online chat bot or post them on the contact form. Buying products directly from the manufacturer is a good idea, because you are assured of authenticity.

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