March 7, 2021

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The Right Type of Testosterone Doctor in Fort Lauderdale

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Testosterone Doctor in Fort Lauderdale

Testosterone Doctor in Fort Lauderdale

Making the first step is difficult when you have a testosterone imbalance. With so many options available when it comes to getting the right kind of help, sometimes it can be confusing. However, the first step is easier to take then it looks. Additionally, it is a step towards regaining your losses regarding your confidence level.  By taking action, you are also preventing any long-term damages. Plus, the issue is simpler to correct then you think.

It can be embarrassing to ask for help in these matters. You can gain reassurance from the actual large-scale number of men that have this issue in Fort Lauderdale. You are not a rarity in the percentage of men who deal with lowering testosterone.  If you are having a problem with your testosterone, you should seek treatment as soon as you can.

Where to Start

Your family doctor within Fort Lauderdale can provide an analysis to find out if you need to investigate your testosterone levels further. Also, there are several various fields of medicine that intersect with the study of testosterone imbalances. These fields deal with this specific kind of irregularity in hormones in the contexts of the given domain of medicine.

Typically, a urine sample and some blood tests are in order. These examinations are before your family doctor can verify you are suffering from lowering or level of testosterone that is irregular. After the diagnosis of your problem, you will most likely go to either one of two classifications of specialists.

The Specialists

There are two primary types of doctors that are the most effective in helping you with your testosterone issues. These two separate divisions of doctors are urologists and endocrinologists. Both classifications of doctors can help you regarding lowering or irregular testosterone levels. Depending on what symptoms you are experiencing, your family doctor will send you to either one.

Urologists are doctors that are knowledgeable on the human urinary tract. Also, they are experts regarding the male reproductive system. A Urologist can help you if your testosterone levels are declining. Meanwhile, if your issue is posing a threat to your fertility, you will go to a reproductive endocrinologist. This kind of doctor specializes in fertility treatments for both men and women.

The Cruciality in Being Proactive

If you have issues with your testosterone, go to your family doctor in Fort Lauderdale. You should ask for the proper bloodwork requisition. Also, ask for a urine test as well. Do not feel shy about the addressment of your questions and concerns. Decreasing testosterone can lead to further damages to the male reproductive system when left without treatment. 

If you do receive a confirmation callback saying that you are dealing with these testosterone issues, your doctor will refer you to either to a reproductive endocrinologist or a urologist. A reproductive endocrinologist focuses more on fertility. Meanwhile, a urologist is a professional urinary tract and is a specialist in the male reproductive system. Both kinds of doctors will come to your aid and help you get back to yourself again.

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