January 16, 2021

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The Right Marijuana for Your Recreation

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Right Marijuana for Your Recreation

Right Marijuana for Your Recreation

The most common way to smoke marijuana or cannabis is with the help of a DCC (A rolled cigarette with marijuana flowers instead of tobacco). Friends can recommend you try one of the other options – Bong (Smoking pipe based on the water filter), pipe (pipe) and Evaporator THC without combustion or through eating or drinking (marijuana cookies, which he drinks on marijuana).

Smoking marijuana

Smoking with a bong or pipe can be difficult for those who smoke for the first time in their lives and cause confusion and a sense of lack of control. In addition, one of the following events may occur: either you will not be able to breathe properly, or you will breathe too much smoke, which can cause you a slight choking and coughing. It is best to keep these attempts on track. At the Ruckus Recreational such suggestions will be given.

Smoking marijuana

Smoking with vaporizer can be suitable for those who do not want to breathe smoke into the lungs, because this is a device that extracts the active substance on the plant without producing smoke. It should be noted that contrary to the conventional wisdom – smoking marijuana does not cause lung damage and, more importantly, Studies show that lung function improves with smoking marijuana. Nevertheless, the vaporizer device is still rare in our regions, and you probably will not want to invest hundreds of shekels just for this.

Consumption of marijuana

In the consumption of marijuana through food (food or drink) in contrast to consumption through smoking, in which the active substance enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs the active substance penetrates into the blood through the stomach. This means that the effect of the active substance will be felt only after an hour or more and can last many hours and beyond what you planned. This method is recommended for those who have already smoked.

Smoking marijuana

Therefore, we recommend choosing a missionary method joint. In this method, you can immediately feel the effect and control the amount that you consume. Usually two or three are enough to start, and you can put the chest back and return to it later in the evening.

Roll the jam

It’s reasonable to assume that your “cool” friends will want you to take a long and deep breath and we will be pleased to see how you cough right after that. Some people claim that cough increases the blood level and, therefore, makes the cathex stronger. Avoid this and leave experiments to those who have experience.

The Moment of Usage

Take a light breath from the joint in the mouth and slowly breathe smoke from the mouth into the lungs. Do this several times until you learn to control smoking. There is no point in trying to be “cool” or “professional”. You smoke to get the desired effect and enjoy the benefits of marijuana. As mentioned above, you will have plenty of time for many different attempts. At the Ruckus Recreational the source is also easy.

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