Roles of Dental Care Professionals in the Community

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Being a dentist is not just a profession because you have a big role to play in the community. You are not just working to practice your profession in the field of dentistry, but you are also providing services to every citizen, who are residents and visitors of that particular area, where you have chosen to work and serve. In my opinion, your career is a choice and you have to be passionate about it because when it comes to careers, such as doctors, people will count on you. And so, you have to take care of these people, who believe and trust you.

I know that as a dentist, you have a big responsibility that you are carrying on your shoulders every day. Well, dental care professionals and other medical experts feel the same, right? That’s why you are also doing your best in taking care of everybody’s teeth. In such a way, you can all see them with their sweetest smile.

Anyway, your obligation is not only about managing teeth and oral health awareness, but it is more than that. So, we have here a few of the roles that every member of the community must be aware of because these expert’s presence is vital in your locality.

General Dentist

A general dentist is, of course, your basic dental care provider. When you come to the clinic, he would be there to diagnose your dental problems, give you the best treatment and manages your oral health needs. He should be able to perform dental operations as well as educating you on dental prevention and awareness.

A dentist may be working in either a private or public dental health clinic. Some dentists prefer to open their own clinics, especially if they have enough funds for this. You have to buy all the necessary machines, facilities and equipment needed. You may also be an endodontist, performing root canal treatments, so make sure you have complete facilities. This link will give you a broader description about what kind of specialist an endodontist is.

While dentists, who work under the government do not need to buy those and use his own money because everything is already prepared. All you need to do is to provide service and be loyal to your profession regardless of how much you earn. There are countries that are paying less to public dentists, but its earnings should not be a hindrance to the quality of the service rendered.

Orthodontist and Prosthodontist

A dentist can also specialize in treating bad bites or malocclusions of the teeth. This also includes diagnosing, preventing and intercepting of the teeth structures. A Malocclusion is also described as the teeth or jaw misalignment. So, if you are a dentist with this specialty or major, then you may be able to help individuals remove extra, fix crowded and fill missing teeth. The said procedures make use of braces, wires, bands and retainers. This is a treatment that is not only intended for adults, but also with young kids.

Now, if a dentist studied how to repair and replace teeth, then he can also be a prosthodontist. As an expert, he should be able to come up with dentures, ceramic or gold caps and crows as a replacement of the extracted or missing teeth. Aside from that, he may also specialize in implanting teeth as well as fixing deformed face or jaws with artificial substitutes. If you can see, this is a big responsibility that is even more than just being a dentist. So, strong and sufficient knowledge and skills are needed. For further reading, you may go to

If you can see, a doctor has a very important role in the community because without a single dentist in your area would make it difficult for residents. You will still go to the nearest town with a dental clinic. What if you are suffering from extreme toothache? Do you think that you can still manage the main because you will surely need time to travel just to find and get to the location of the dental clinic? Now, you know how difficult life is without these medical practitioners, so you better take care of your teeth.

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