March 1, 2021

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Pregnancy Symptoms

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Pregnancy Symptoms

Motherhood is a dream of almost every woman. It makes her complete as a female and prepares here for a new life. Hence the sign of pregnancy matters a lot for each of them. In many cases, one cannot understand if she is pregnant or not and hence it is required to know the symptoms of pregnancy.

You can sense a lot of pregnancy symptoms even before you miss your periods.Anyone who’s been trying to conceive waits for the symptoms to ensure they’re pregnant before they can go for a test. There are a lot of symptoms that indicate various stages of conceiving and pregnancy.A positive pregnancy test takes time to show up as the levels of the hormone excreted in the urine may not be significant to show up on the test that you do at home. But there are symptoms that can occur even before a positive test is observed by you. Here are provided a few of them that can prove much helpful to know that the phase of life for her is changing now.

Implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding is the first and the foremost sign of pregnancy. It can be observed as light bleeding or spotting accompanied by little cramping. This happens while the fertilized egg gets implanted into the uterus wall. Sometimes the spots are too light that one may misunderstand the same with menstruation spots also.

Nausea or morning sickness

Not every woman goes through morning sickness. Every woman is different, and so are the pregnancies. Don’t go by the name morning sickness can happen at anytime of the day. Nausea comes anytime between second to eight weeks of conception. It subsides after the first trimester is over, but for some less fortunate women, it can continue in the third trimester as well.

Tender breasts

These symptoms can be observed as early as in the first week after conception.Women witness soreness and tenderness in their breasts.


The most common symptom is tiredness or fatigue. Pregnant women feel extremely tired throughout pregnancy. This symptom starts in the first trimester.


A backache is the most common symptom of pregnancy. Many women suffer from severe to a mild backache throughout pregnancy. The rapid increase in weight takes a toll on the backbone, and this causes a backache. As the gravity center of the body changes, it is an obvious symptom and increases with the period.

Mood swings

Many women start to experience mood swings because of increased levels of hormones in their body. The rush of these hormones makes women a bit cranky and fussy at times. This may persist through pregnancy or go away after the first trimester.

Burning feet

The increased volume of blood in a pregnant woman and higher the normal blood pressure during pregnancy can cause burning sensation in the feet at night. It may even be caused by low levels of hemoglobin during pregnancy. One can use an ice pack to relieve it.


This is indeed the most cherished symptom. Women enjoy the cravings worried about pregnancy. These craving can stay very early in pregnancy. Women experience cravings for foods that they don’t otherwise like.

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