October 27, 2020

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Nabil Fakih – Facial Rejuvenation Surgery and Its Advantages

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Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Facial rejuvenation surgeries are operations that cosmetic surgeons perform to make their patients look younger than their actual age. People undergo these surgeries to address irregularities in their facial appearance resulting from the aging process, sun damage, and pollution. These include wrinkles, dark spots, open pores, and patchy skin.  In these procedures, the medical experts pull back the sagging skin on either side of their patients’ faces to give them a youthful appearance. In doing so, they also surgically alter the underlining tissues to align them with the facial contour of the person. These specialists even remove fat deposits in various areas of their patients’ faces to give them a slimmer structure.

Nabil Fakih – What are the benefits of facial rejuvenation surgeries for patients

Nabil Fakih is a leading cosmetic surgeon from Lebanon who specializes in Cranio-Maxillo-Facial surgeries. He has many years of valuable experience under his belt in successfully conducting such operations.  His clientele consists of famous actresses, well-known models, and socialites in various parts of the world. He is a big name to reckon within the field of facial cosmetic surgery. In fact, his services are in high demand in many medical centers across Europe and the United States. Currently, he holds the position of Vice-President in the Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery. He is also the author of several medical publications on facial plastic surgery.

Hesays facial plastic surgeries under the supervision of qualified cosmetic surgeons can improve the quality of their patients’ lives.  He points out the following three benefits of these complex procedures:

  1. Enhances facial appearance 

Most people make a decision to undergo complex facial rejuvenation surgeries to get the appearance of their desire. These operations remove all the flaws and irregularities on their faces due to the aging process, pollution, and sun damage. As a result, these patients end up getting a more youthful appearance. They believe the results of the operation reflect a better version of themselves. This enables them to dress according to their choice.

  1. Boost physical health 

Patients who take various kinds of facial cosmetic surgeries notice a significant improvement in their physical health. For instance, those who undergo rhinoplasty procedures overcome many of their respiratory issues. These include correcting birth defects, resolving relating breathing difficulties, sinus problems, and sleep apnea. Again, people who take a neck lift operation improve their overall posture. This makes it easier for them to carry on with their daily lives.

  1. Improves self-confidence 

People who go through successful facial plastic surgeries see an improvement in their self-esteem. By changing these patients’ appearances according to their wishes, surgeons actually help them to overcome many of the previous insecurities. These individuals feel more confident about themselves. This makes it easier for them to socialize with their peers and relatives. In many cases, they assume many new opportunities open up for them after taking these cosmetic procedures.

The experts from Dearborn Pharmacy under his guidance clarify that undergoing facial rejuvenation surgeries can change a patient’s life for the better. These individuals not only get a younger appearance of their choice but also overcome many of their health issues. This helps to boost their self-confidence, and they become sociable and happy in life.

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