March 7, 2021

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Make Your Life Easier With Breast Reduction

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Life Easier With Breast Reduction

Life Easier With Breast Reduction

While it is quite known that enhancing the breast cup size is one of the most popular surgical procedures out there, a lot of people can actually have a much better life if they undergo a surgery that has the exact opposite effect.

Problems of big breasts

There are many ways a person can suffer from oversized breasts, and while the cause mostly comes from genetics and the lifestyle, getting implants that are too big is also one of the common causes. Having breasts that are too large can cause all kind of problems that can impact one’s lifestyle.

The most noticeable negative side of oversized breasts is when the person experiences pain in the neck or their back, because they are constantly under tension to keep themselves in the correct position. Naturally, that pain can develop into something much worse if the tension keeps on going for months, and at certain points, it can lead to irreversible effects.

Effective breast reduction procedure

Breast reduction surgery

Like any surgery, the breast reduction surgery does have some minor risks, however, if you undergo this procedure at someone who specializes in breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic or other similar clinics that have staff with years of experience, there is nothing you should worry about.

The procedure is quite simple, and it will take only an hour or two while you are under anesthetics, which means that you will not feel anything at all while the surgeon is doing the procedure. Of course, you can request what kind of cup size you would like your breasts to be reduced to, and what kind of shape you would like them to have as well.

Breast reduction can also help you with the skin irritation under the breasts, which is quite common for people who have breasts that have sagged over some time due to their big size. The procedure can also help you with nerve pain, restricted activity, fitting into clothes, and poor self-image.

Breast reduction for men

While oversized breast are more common for women, there is a special condition for men as well called gynaecomastia, which displays itself as slightly enlarged breasts compared to standard male ones. This condition usually develops during puberty, or when a man reaches a certain age where hormonal changes are active once again.

The gynaecomastia surgery at Breast & Body Clinic can help you with this condition by reducing the breast size in a very similar manner like the breast reduction surgery for women would be, but the amount of tissue and skin removed would be different.

Corrected gynaecomastia

Final Word

If you happen to be uncomfortable when you look at yourself in the mirror with your big breasts, or if their big size has a negative impact on your lifestyle, visiting a surgeon for some consultations is definitely a really good idea. Of course, there are other surgeries available if you happen to be displeased with some other part of your body.

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