Month: May 2018

Cancer Wrist Bands: What Are They, Their Uses, And Where To Get Them

Cancer Wrist Bands

In May 2004, Lance Armstrong came up with yellow silicone bracelets as a fund-raising item for LIVESTRONG, a non-profit organization that works to support people suffering from cancer. By the end of 2004 summer season, the cancer wrist bands became popular across the US. Before the awareness campaign, such wrist-wears were only a fashion accessory. […]

Experience a life changing journey with hair transplant!

hair transplant

 Not everyone can imagine what a person is going through, when he starts to notice his hairline receding. It would completely knock his confidence. What if you are going through such trauma? You would soon resort to various shampoos and products available in the market in the hope of regaining the lost hair. As statistics […]

Hassle free booking of MRI hospital Chennai

MRI hospital Chennai

Chennai is one of the busiest cities in South India with several reputed hospitals to provide world-class medical treatments. MRI scan is recommended in most of the medical situations to get the detailed picture of the inner parts of the body. Several people are certainly unaware of the locations of the hospitals and MRI scan […]

LASIK V Glasses: Which One Is Best?

LASIK V Glasses

If you’ve problems with your eyes, you probably wear glasses or contact lenses of some sort to correct your vision. There are other options to consider that can be more effective and less annoying than wearing glasses every minute of the day. Laser eye treatments like LASIK are designed to reshape your cornea and improve […]

Passing A Mouth Swab Drug Test: Tips And Tricks

Mouth Swab Drug Test

Every once in a while a person needs to resort to some stress relieving activities. Some people prefer taking a nap, others prefer some family time, while some reduce the stress by smoking a blunt now and then. It’s all fun and games while you are at home, but the problem arises when you are […]

When should I start including Mass Gainer in my fitness routine?

Mass Gainer

If you’re into bodybuilding and fitness then you must be aware of mass gainers. These are a type of supplements that are specially formulated to provide ample nutrients needed for muscle growth and healthy mass gain. There is a perfect blend of carbohydrates, proteins, and calories. This combination works wonders to bulk up your muscles […]

Tadalafil and its positive effect on erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Tadalis SX is a solution for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction and it is one of the generic drugs that contain generic Tadalafil 20mg in its composition. The main reason for the positive effect of Tadalis in dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction or impotency is that it contains 20 mg of Tadalafil […]

Let us look why you should regularly shampoo your hair

regularly shampoo your hair

Shampoo can fix all the problems that you face because of dandruff and dry scalp.  Shampoo can help you maintain your scalp and keep hair smooth and scalp hydrated. One of the effective features of good shampoo is to eliminate dryness of the scalp and bring up soft strands. The shampoo ketomac is known for […]

All about peptide bond

peptide bond

Bonds are formed when the valence or outermost electrons of the atoms get combined with the valence electrons of other atom in order to acquire stable configuration. But every atom cannot combine with any atom, in spite there are some basic rules as well as criteria which have to be followed during chemical bonding. Our […]