February 26, 2021

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Top 5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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Home Remedies

In reality, thepresence of bed bugs does not indicate that your homes are dirty while as they could be transported through furniture, luggage, clothing, beds, and many other household items. You can find many ways to do away with these pesky creatures that are responsible for your skin itching and give you sleepless nights. These pesky critters are not able to withstand extreme cold and hot conditions. Therefore, using methods that involve hot and cold treatments can be undertaken for their elimination. Let us take a look at the best remedies to remove bed bugs.

  • Pyrethrum

It is an extract that is made from the combination of dried flower heads as Chrysanthemum and coccineum. Chrysanthemum acts as a natural insecticide. This insecticide can be used to destroy bugs effectively because it is toxic in nature and directly affects the nervous system of the bugs. Furthermore, you can avail an insecticide that is made from the mixture of pyrethrum and canola oil and is safe for your children and pets. Hence there is no risk for pets even if they lick the mix.

  • Lavender

To keep the bedbugs at bay, you canutilize soap, lavender oil or its powder. In addition, spread some lavender leaves on the infested quarters in order to keep the bugs at bay. It is considered as one of the effective ways because the odor of its leaves nauseates bugs and finally kills them. Hence the user can feel the enjoyable smell of lavender at the same time of keeping the bedbugs away from the bed.

  • Peppermint Leaves

You can bring into use peppermint leaves also in order to destroy bed bugs. The oil present in the leaves serves as strong bug repellent constituent. Normally,prepare a cup of mint leaves by crushing them. Spread the crushed leaves on the floor and other household items that are infested. If your problem is serious, two to three cups of leaves may be needed to drive them away. Repeat every week till theproblem is gone and replace them with fresh leaves.Practice this for a few days and the bedbugs will be removed forever.

  • Black Walnut Tea

It acts as an antibacterial, insecticidal, antifungal and has repellent properties that help in eliminating bed bugs. It is a clever way to utilize tea bags that would have otherwise been thrown away. Throughout your home place strategically used black walnut tea bags in cracks and crevices, in all nooks and corners, bedding, and mattresses to remove the bugs and eggs. Never use insecticides and pesticides on baby cribs and toys. Without treatment never move things from one room to another. Second-hand furniture should be treated with black walnut tea before getting inside thehouse.

  • Salt

For decades salt has been utilized to destroy pests like snails and slugs. Salt absorbs fluids present in their bodies thus causing dehydration to them. A few people are of the view that salt can kill bed bugs in the same manner as it does away with snails and slugs. By experience, it has come to fore that it does not work effectively.

Source: ehomeremedieshub.com

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