November 1, 2020

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Reasons to Seek Out A Pregnancy Yoga Studio In Delhi NCR

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Steps Women Can Take to Improve Their Health

Steps Women Can Take to Improve Their Health

If you are one of those who think yoga is yoga irrespective of when and where it’s done, you have a lot to learn lady. And before you ask, no, prenatal yoga is not just pregnant women attending yoga classes.

And if the thought of looking for a prenatal yoga studio in Delhi NCR seems too much work for you, then you definitely need to read this blog. There is something special and unique about a prenatal yoga class that certainly can’t be experienced is a regular yoga class along with side your non-pregnant classmates.

So, here’s a list of top 10 reasons why you should be on the lookout for a prenatal yoga studio in Delhi NVC immediately.

A community of like-minded moms-to-be 

Remember the quote by Beatles “I get by with a little help from my friends”? Well, giving birth to your child is unlike any other metamorphic experience, you’ll go through in your entire lifetime. Be it your first child or your fourth, the dramatic shift of mind, body, and soul during these 40 something weeks is something that you have to prepare yourself for. And when you’re going through such an emotional period in your life, finding a community of people who are going through a similar journey can be reassuring and comforting. And a prenatal yoga studio can do wonders to help you find your supportive tribe of moms-to-be.

No more aches and pains 

You’ll seldom meet a preggar mom who swears that she went cruised through her pregnancy like a breeze, sans pain, aches, sore ahm… everything! And you’ll be hella jealous too.

But since you are definitely not the lucky one, prenatal yoga is the way to go. Given the massive changes to the body, the pain, and discomfort along the way are more than expected. And that is what prenatal yoga targets. Such classes are designed to focus on common areas of discomfort, and ailments and offer specific poses to help you relieve the pain and make you feel comfortable.

Promotes connection with the baby 

Now that’s something regular yoga classes cant do! Now in times like ours, it’s entirely possible to just go about your day, without paying attention to your growing baby, even though you carry your baby in your body for 40 something weeks. In prenatal yoga classes, you are taught to tackle just that. A prenatal yoga studio offers a quiet space to step out of your daily hustle and bustle and connect with your baby.

Aligning your pelvis 

We’ve all heard the stories of long tiring deliveries that shook the hospitals with the screams of mothers and of babies that literally flew out with minimal discomfort. What’s the one thing that could make such a difference? The answer – optimal fetal positioning. And to help ensure your baby is well positioned, you should have an aligned pelvis, pelvic ligaments, pelvic floor, and uterine ligaments.  Luckily, many poses that are incorporated into prenatal classes work to create balance and proper alignment. 

Breathing exercises 

No, it isn’t the usual breathe in breathe out. Well, a little bit, but it’s pretty undeniable for a pregnant woman, the awareness of breath can be a significant support during labor and birth. Breathing and the way one breathes play a central role during any pregnancy. And, prenatal yoga class is the perfect place for the pregnant yogi to hone this skill. It lays the foundation for a stable breath connection that can support the moms to be and help them deal with slight physical or emotional discomfort.

Educating the mom-to-be 

Prenatal yoga studios interweave childbirth education themes and current birthing trends in their sessions. Their intention is to make the pregnant mom feel more confident and prepared to make conscious, and educated decisions during pregnancy, labor, delivery and parenthood.

As you can see, prenatal yoga during pregnancy is a great way to stay active, and it is a healthy practice for you and your baby. These prenatal yoga session use relaxation and breathing techniques with specific asanas to ensure that you are well adapted for pregnancy. So, go ahead, join your fellow pregnant yogis today and glory in the glow of birth together!

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