March 7, 2021

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Not Less than Miracles: Healing Stones

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Healing Stones

Healing Stones

Some of you might not believe in stars and stones, but that does not make any fact less true. Gemstones and Healing stones have a very noticeable effect over your life processes due to the connection of stars and chakras.

Healing stones are basically crystals that are expected and proved to be very beneficial. They are supposed to provide relief to specific body parts during pain. These stones work by clearing up the chakras by placing them over significant body points.

Healing stones are natural healers and gifts for the human race. Some of them are proved to be the most effective. Here is a list of the top and best of them.



Being a healing element for the physical as well as emotional heart ailments, Rose Quartz is known to be the loving stone. It’s one of the best gifts to those who seek for love in any form, let it be platonic, sexual, and spiritual.


Fluorite is one of the best healing stones with the property of reflecting and protecting from any sort of negative energy. It’s available in diverse colours, and you might need to clean it at least once a week to maintain its charm.


This healing stone helps in getting rid of emotional traumas or blockages and confusion which might obstruct you from unlocking mysteries. It reveals the wonders of cosmos by linking the material and celestial realms.


These healing stones take care of all your worldly confusions and tasks. It helps you and gives relief from stress. Being a grounding stone, it has a charming and shiny exterior and amazing healing properties.

  • JADE:

Jade is one of those healing stones which provide you with the most serene and calm energy. This stone provides you with inner peace and calmness. Some people also take aid in the removal of toxins from the body and getting relief from cramps.


This stone has amazing healing and spiritual properties. This stone will help you in alleviating negativity, confusing thoughts and stressful arguments from your mind. It’s also believed to have great effects over your immunity and hormonal strengths and balance.


Turquoise is a symbol of love and warding off evil power. This stone was introduced in Southwestern America and tends to provide confidence and improve friendships bonds with people. It’s also known for imparting wisdom.


This healing stone is believed to be a channel for contacting the angels and spirits. It’s famous for balancing qualities. The stone automatically cleans itself up, by getting rid of negativity.


Obsidian comes in numerous varieties and has protective properties. This stone provides clarity, serenity and sense of change for a fresh lifestyle.


This healing stone is known for the manifestation of goals. Being empowered with solar energy, it’s a symbol of energy and provides properties like positivity and cheerfulness while attracting an abundance of nature and personal power.

These were some of the best healing stones for you and your loved ones which can help you define your destiny and lifestyle.



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