LASIK V Glasses: Which One Is Best?

LASIK V Glasses

If you’ve problems with your eyes, you probably wear glasses or contact lenses of some sort to correct your vision. There are other options to consider that can be more effective and less annoying than wearing glasses every minute of the day. Laser eye treatments like LASIK are designed to reshape your cornea and improve your vision, so that you no longer require glasses.

This article will discuss some of the many benefits of having LASIK over wearing glasses.

Easy to Use & Maintain

Glasses are easy to use and very easy to maintain, the moment you pick them up from your local optician. you can put them on and they start working, it is as simple as that. They don’t require much maintenance, the most you’ll have to do is clean the lens and frame occasionally, other than that, there is nothing more to do.

It is difficult to draw up a comparison with LASIK in this section of the article, there is no maintenance work or cleaning required when it comes to laser eye surgery. Once you’ve had the procedure done, your vision will be at 20/20 or better for the rest of your life. You won’t need to buy new glasses or contact lens every again. So, when it comes to comparing the two, LASIK is the clear winner in this department.


Most types of glasses are affordable and reasonably priced, but some of the designer ranges can cost a lot of money. If you aren’t concerned with the aesthetics, then you can easily purchase a cheap, standard pair at any local opticians. There are a huge variety of glasses on the market, so you can select a frame that suits your requirements.

Although LASIK may seem costly, you must remember that you are paying a once off instalment, once that is paid you’ll have exceptional vision without the need for contact lens or glasses. There are several first-class clinics who specialise in LASIK in San Antonio and other areas in Texas that offer payment instalment plans, so you have options when it comes to financing your procedure. After you’ve had laser eye surgery, you won’t require any additional treatments. If you do, they are generally free, which means you won’t pay anything more than your initial agreement.

Sport & Exercise

Glasses are convenient for reading, watching TV and working online, but when it comes to playing sports, they can be annoying to wear. If you don’t like wearing contact lens and you prefer to exercise with glasses, there are some sports you won’t be able to do. LASIK eliminates the need for both glasses and contacts, so you can enjoy your workout without any complications.

Having laser eye surgery means freeing yourself from glasses and contact lens. You’ll have outstanding vision that is permanent and eliminates the need for any type of visual aid. You can enjoy exercise without using glasses or contact lens, and you can have the procedure done within a day. If you are tired of glasses, contact a specialist for a consultation.

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