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Purse Pains: Is Your Handbag Hurting You?

Purse Pains

For most women living in America today, it’s not practical to leave the house without some type of purse or handbag. Retail sales of women’s handbags in the US amounted to $8.3 billion in 2015, proving that women of all ages have been conditioned to want, need, and purchase purses and use them regularly. Whether […]

5 Things to Do Before Starting Chemo

Things to Do Before Starting Chemo

The road ahead of you can seem overwhelming. Doctor visits, scans, hospital stays, chemotherapy, and possibly surgeries may be suddenly looming over your head. But rest assured, you are not alone. Many people are or were exactly where you are today. And take it from them, there are a few things everyone wishes they knew […]

The Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

The importance of pure drinking water is something that cannot be discounted. Water is important in life but there are several benefits of drinking water. With pollution levels increasing at an alarming level a host of water borne diseases have taken centre stage. The worst part is that nearly 80 % of the diseases are […]

Fighting Fat with Innovative New Methods

Fighting Fat with Innovative New Methods

Weight loss is a common goal that often leads people to diets and exercise. These traditional methods can often be slow when it comes to taking weight off. Many people are also extremely overweight, and surgical procedures, however, are not always an option. The best weight loss plans often include a combination of solutions. Coolsculpting […]