January 25, 2021

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What Should You Expect from a Safe Male Vasectomy Procedure

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Safe Male Vasectomy Procedure

Safe Male Vasectomy Procedure

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure in which doctors perform on a male patient to ensure he is unable to impregnate a woman. In this operation, doctors cut the vas deferens tubes in the patient’s scrotum to prevent sperms from entering the semen. Medical specialists point out vasectomy is one of the most effective forms of male birth control. The entire operation takes only 30 minutes for the doctors to conduct.

What happens during a male vasectomy procedure?

Patients who want to undergo a vasectomy operation need to visit their local doctor’s office or surgery. The doctor will give them an anesthetic ointment to rub on their scrotum. This is necessary to ensure this region of the patients’ bodies remains numb throughout the entire procedure. After this, the doctor punctures a small hole on either side of the patients’ scrotum. Taking such a step allows the doctor to extract and cut the vas deferens tubes from the patients’ scrotum. After removing the vas deferens, the doctor proceeds to seal the puncture holes with the aid of clumps. As the incisions are very small, they heal without a doctor having to stitch them.

How do patients prepare for vasectomy operation?

Before the day of the operation, patients need to clean their genitals thoroughly. The doctor performing the procedure will give these men at a set of instructions on how they should clean the region.  On the day of the male vasectomy procedure, these patients also need to bring a comfortable jockstrap. Their doctors may also insist their patients bring along a companion to drive them back home after the procedure.

After the operation, the male patients may suffer from swelling and slight bruising in their genital region. These post-procedure symptoms will eventually recede within two weeks. During this period, these patients should follow their local doctor’s instructions to the letter. They should apply an ice pack to their genital region to deal with the swelling and take complete rest. The patients should also be wearing tight-fitting underwear at all times. Only after a period of 3 days can the patients return to workplaces.

Is it safe to consume medicines before and after the operations?

Within a week before a vasectomy operation, doctors strictly instruct their patients not to take any painkilling drugs. These include aspirin, certain ibuprofen compounds, naproxen, and ketoprofen. This is because these particular brands of medicines cause blood thinning. There is always the risk these patients could end up suffering from excessive blood loss during the procedure. On the other hand, doctors do allow their male patients to take acetaminophen after the vasectomy operation. This drug helps to alleviate their pain.

Male vasectomy is an effective and convenient birth control operation that men take to prevent them from impregnating women. In this medical procedure, doctors cut the vas deferens tubes from the scrotum of the patient’s body. This stops the sperms from mixing the semen. The whole operation does not take more than 30 minutes, and they remain awake during this period. After three days, the patients can return to their normal activities.

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