March 7, 2021

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What Are Three Main Types of Arthritis?

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Arthritis is associated with pain in the joints. The fact is that thereexist a hundred typesof arthritis out there.

But here are the 3 main types of arthritis afflicting patients:


What is it?

It is the most common type of arthritis. It is caused by wearing and tearing which occurs when joints are being overused. Usually, it develops with age. However, other major costs include obesity or injury to joints which puts more pressure on the joints.

 Those joints that haul weight like feet, spine, hips and knees are most likely to be affected by this type of arthritis. It usually developsslowly over months and years.But this arthritis does not feature feelings of fatigue and sickness that come with other arthritis types

The basic fact is that the shock absorber of the body is lost. There is gradual breaking down of cartilage, which the slippery substance covering the end of bones.

 This is most evident when you suffer from obesity. The excess pounds of the body exert more weight on the cartilagewhen it gets squashed inside the bones. Thus the cartilage suffers damage and also wears away. Now, nothing is left for cushioning the joint. Hence managing weight is recommended for conditions like knee arthritis pain relief.

Movement becomes painful because of the damage in the cartilage. A rasping sound may be heard when the damaged cartilage on the bones rub together. Particularly on feet and fingers, painful bumps or spurs may develop. But inflammation is rare.


  • Trouble with daily physical activity
  • Aching, deep pain
  • Morning stiffness
  • Stiffness following rest
  • Pain while working

Joint might be

  • Swollen and hard to move
  • Warm on touch
  • Not able to move via full range.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA):

It is an auto-immune disease. This implies that the immune system mounts an attack on body parts, particularly the joints. This can lead to inflammation that may cause severe damage to joints, without treatment.

Around one in five patients of this type of arthritis develop lumps in their skin such as nodules. Most of these are formed on joints that experience pressure like heels, elbows and knuckles.

No one knows what is the cause of RA. According to some, the immune system gets confused after a viral and bacterial infection affects your joints, whichcan extend to parts in the body causing symptoms likeknee arthritis pain.


Stiffness, pain and swelling in wrists, hands, shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees, neck, jaw and feet. RA usually affects several joints.

Symptoms often develop symmetrically like in both left and right leg. The inflammation of the joint hinders performance of daily physical activities.

Psoriatic Arthritis

In this,patients suffer from both inflammation of joints (arthritis) as well as skin (psoriasis).

Psoriasis causes the emergence of red, raised, patchy areas of skin which is inflamed. It mostly affects knees and elbows, navel, scalp and genital areas.

This kind of arthritis develops between the ages of 29 and 49 and sometimes even in childhood. It is common with both sexes. Typically, skin infection manifest first.

Other symptoms:

Swelling of toes and fingers. Discolored and pitted finger nails are also a symptom. Sometimes only one or few joints may be impacted. The spine may also be affected.

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