Tips for new mothers on Nursing their child

Nursing their child

 A woman who has just given birth to a child will be very anxious about taking care of it the right way. Especially, if it is her first child, everything will be a new experience for her making the journey all the more new and exciting. Looking after a child is no child’s play. You will have to be alert, informed and on your toes all the time. The baby cannot feed or even sleep on its own. It needs your assistance in all its daily activities. So, be prepared to spend at least half of the day taking care of your child. No wonder, motherhood is a full-time job.

Among all the baby chores that you do daily, breastfeeding is the most important one. It is also the most challenging one if you have a stubborn child who doesn’t feed properly. Here are some handy tips for new nursing mothers

Understand about breastfeeding –

Before you begin your journey in breastfeeding, you must understand the process thoroughly. Breastfeeding is a very beneficial activity that helps both the child and the other. The child grows better, stronger and well with mother’s milk whereas the mother can lose her pregnancy weight easily through breastfeeding. It will also help the mother and baby to bond well. So, know about the process through elders or books.

Drink lots of water –

Babies tend to drink a lot of milk once they start breastfeeding. You must be able to generate that much of milk in your body. So, drink up and stay healthy. If you want to produce an average of 750 ml of breast milk every day, you must stay hydrated to have sufficient amount of milk in your body. The best way to stay hydrated is drinking water because it is natural and healthy. You can also drink fruit juices or green tea to add flavour. Avoid sugar.

Prepare a nursing kit –

Have a nursing kit handy so that you do not have to look around for stuff when your baby begins to wail. Also, nursing sessions take time, so you need to be prepared to sit in one place for a long time. So, have the necessary stuff like towels, napkins, spoons, water, and nipple cream, nursing pads, blanket and other required things in a bag and keep it at your side when you are feeding your baby. You can also have a book, music player and a box of dry fruits to keep you entertained while your baby is feeding.

Sit properly –

Do not slouch, bend or twist when you are feeding your child. You must maintain a proper posture and sit up straight while your baby feeds. If you make it a habit of slouching, your back will be postured badly, and you might develop pain after a few days. So, sit properly, use a pillow if needed and avoid backaches. Settling down comfortably is the first step before feeding.

These are some of the nursing tips for first time moms.


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