February 26, 2021

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Richard G Soper MD – Addiction Medicine and Its Positive Role to Combat the Effects of Drug Abuse

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Addiction Medicine

Addiction Medicine

Drug addiction is complex in nature; however, it is a treatable disease. Drugs affect the functions of the brain and a person’s behavior. A history of drugs has the ability to alter the structure and function of the brain that results in changes that stay for a long time even after the individual has ceased the drug. This is why regular drug users are at high risk during relapse after a long period of abstinence from drugs. They should be closely monitored so that there are no devastating results for their health.

Richard G Soper MD – An insight into addiction medicine

Richard G Soper MD is a reputed doctor from Nashville, TN. He is a specialist in anatomic and clinical pathology, psychiatry, cytopathology, and addiction medicine. He has 42 years of rich experience in the above fields and is a very compassionate doctor for his patients. When it comes to addiction medicine, he says no one treatment is applicable for all drug addicts. The medicine and the treatment depend upon the nature of the drug and the symptoms of the patient. The treatment has to be matched to the needs of the patient. The doctor needs to take into account the problems and the unique needs of the patient that is critical for improving the health of the patient.

The treatment for drug addiction should be readily available for the patient

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the health and the treatment of drug addicts who have given up on drugs. This is why the medicines prescribed for the person should always be easily available in the market for them. Many patients become lost if the treatment stops for any reason. Doctors should ensure that the patient gets his or her regular supply of medicines so that there are no health risks or hazards in the future. He adds that if the drug addict starts the treatment early, the results of recovery from drug abuse is faster.

Addiction medicine and its holistic approach

Addiction medicine is very holistic in nature, as it is a treatment for the whole body. It does not only address the drug abuse complications in the patient, but it treats its associated social, psychological, medical, and other problems. The treatment must match the age, gender, culture, and the ethnicity of the patient.

Richard G Soper MD says that it is essential for the patient to be in a treatment regime for a sufficient period of time. The duration of the treatment is critical to improve the health of the patient and help him or her to recover. He says that in order to get the best results, at least three months of continuous treatment is needed for reducing or stopping the effects of the drug. He says that if the patient is exposed to treatment for a longer duration, the results are effective and considered beneficial for the mental and physical benefit of the patient.

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