March 1, 2021

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Cosmetic Medical Procedures for Everyone’s Needs

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Cosmetic Medical Procedures

Impotence is the persistent impossibility of maintaining an erection, satisfactory for sexual intercourse. Specialists usually use the term erectile dysfunction to describe this condition, and to differentiate it from other disorders related to sexual intercourse, such as lack of sexual desire or ejaculation or orgasm problems.

Impotence may include total incapacity to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or the tendency to sustain only very short erections. These variations define impotence and make it difficult to estimate. If you’re suffering from impotence, you’re not alone, it affect many men at some stage during their life.

Erectile Dysfunction may have an organic cause, as a condition, trauma or may be due to adverse effects of some drugs. Any type of affection that affects blood circulation in the penis has the potential to produce impotence. The incidence of impotence increases with age: 5% of men of about 40 years and 15-25% of 65-year-olds have impotence. However, it is not an inevitable part of the aging process.

When it comes to its treatment, men addressed the doctor and regained an almost normal sex life, due to improved and successful treatments for impotence. CALIBRE Clinic has developed the PRP injection that helps regenerating penile tissue in order for men to enjoy a healthy erection.

At Calibre, the EmCyte PurePRPII method is being used, since it’s the most advanced and high concentrated method available.The PRP Procedure used substances that are already in the body,namely concentrated blood platelets and growth factors, and this help regenerate the vessels in the penis. This leads to enhanced blood flow and nerve sensitivity and so helps the patient to achieve and maintain a normal healthy erection. The PRP Procedure is a great additional treatment to CALIBRE Clinic’s male enlargement procedure.

Hair on unwanted parts of the body is something that both men and women are interested in. There are various ways of achieving this including shaving, waxing and laser hair removalwhich is longer lasting.

From razor or wax to laser or intense pulsed light … Traditional methods of excess hair removal, whether it is shaving, waxing or cream, with an electric appliance, are the most used methods. Unfortunately, it gives temporary results and, in some cases, may lead to the appearance of folliculitis (hair growth under the skin). Some may be uncomfortable, rather painful and do not solve the more serious cases of hirsutism (caused by hormonal disturbances). For long-term results, the ideal solution is laser epilation or intense pulsed light, IPL or UPL. In the case of semi-permanent hair removal, the light beam penetrates the skin, thus destroying the root of the hair without affecting the skin. These techniques can be used in most regions: from the upper lip, front, chest, to legs, axles and groin area. The greatest demand is for the hair removal of beard, mustache, inguinal area and calves.

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is the transmission of light along a single bouquet-shaped wave. When the laser is directed to the skin, it passes it and is absorbed by melanin from the hair follicle. Thus, not only the thread is destroyed but also the root.

There are also categories of people who do not have laser epilation, usually those who are not allowed to be exposed to the sun: people suffering from autoimmune diseases, sun sensitivity, sun allergies, viral infections, microbial.

Academy Face and Body offers a treatment that will be conducted by a Dermal Therapist, an experienced and intensively trained specialist. Their Dermal Therapists hold qualifications that are nationally recognized in treating advanced skin conditions, in addition to holding a Laser Safety Officer certificate. The treatment starts with an initial consultation so that the patients can learn about the price and therapy types according to their needs.

Academy Laser Clinics offers a wide range of treatments including laser treatments and advanced cosmetic medical procedures that respond to several concerns including signs of aging, improving the skin, penis enlargement or just common aesthetic issues. The facilities located in Sydney and Perth are professional clinics that offer proven technologies and techniques that will address all the above-mentioned type of treatments.

For example, the facelift procedure is one of the most effective therapies for facial refreshing and rejuvenation. Academy Laser Clinics is one of the best Facial Rejuvenation Clinic where a wide range of treatments are on offer to leave you with a longer looking face and healthier skin.  The goal is to help the patient to have a harmonious and rejuvenated face with minimal effort. This intervention can be done alone or in combination with other procedures such as eyebrow lifting or eyelid modeling.

The ideal candidate for the face-lift procedure is the person who shows visible signs of aging, skin hanging in the face area, a healthy bone structure and some skin elasticity. Most patients are between the ages of 40 and 70, but successful surgery is also performed over this age. The face-lift operation can be performed once in a lifetime or can be repeated over a period of 10 to 15 years, depending on the preferences of the customer.

At Academy Laser Clinics, Dr Jayson Oates, a leader in the area with years of experience introduced short incision lifts, and the Deep Plane Face lift which lifts the deeper later of muscles to provide a well-noticed and professional face lift.

Dr. Oates will start the treatment with an initial consultation in order to discuss the concerns and requests about the face lift procedure.During the consultation, you will be able to express your expectations, wishes and concerns about this procedure. It is very important to have an open, sincere discussion to get the best results. According to your needs and age, a treatment plan will be suggested to you. This is because sometimes a combination like adding laser or fillers to the face lift in order to provide you the best possible result.


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