February 26, 2021

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5 Ways to Be Healthier Starting Today

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Healthier Starting Today

Healthier Starting Today

More than ever before, people are realizing that they must make their health a priority. Whether it’s stress from work, a hectic home life, technology (smartphones, tablets, and laptops at every turn), too much fast food, or not enough sleep, people are suffering because they aren’t taking care of themselves.

Advancements in technology allow people an almost instant gratification for whatever they desire – access to communication, food, drugs, and the ability to work longer hours each day. Here are five ways to rejuvenate your health starting today:

Detox your body – people enjoy the conveniences of fast food, processed food, pain relief, and even technology. Set a goal for yourself to detox your body for a week initially and then gradually increase it to longer periods of time. Cook fresh, non-processed food for a week and don’t eat any fast food. At night, minimize scrolling on your smartphone in bed, checking email, and no more watching TV until you doze off. Set a time, say 10:00 p.m., and stick with it. Let your brain get into a sleep pattern that is uninterrupted by the blue light effects produced by technology.

Next, detoxing your body of chemicals such as prescription and non-prescription drugs. Examine why you take these medications and consider whether or not you truly need them. Visit with your doctor and discuss concerns you have about medications you want to stop taking. If you and your doctor agree that you have developed a dependency that you need help in quitting, ask for referrals to a prescription drug rehab facility. It can be a tough, maybe even overwhelming decision, but many people find that once they have detoxed their body, they feel even better than they did while taking the prescription medications.

Exercise – the benefits of exercise are numerous – weight loss, increased energy, improved brain health, lowered risk of chronic disease, and you just feel happier. You don’t have to go to a gym every day to exercise. Look online for at-home yoga routines, go for a 30-minute walk, take the grandkids to the zoo, just get moving.

Sleep well – getting restful sleep is crucial to your body’s healing and restoration process. When you sleep, your entire body gets a break. Your blood pressure and breathing slow down, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, and your body goes through a healing process. The demands on your body are decreased allowing for the perfect time for repair. Adults function best with seven to eight hours of sleep, so aim for this amount every night.

Healthy diet – as previously mentioned, limit fast food and processed foods. Eat a balanced diet and watch your caloric intake. Guidelines by Health.gov for caloric intake for sedentary males and females, aged 36-40, is about 2,400 daily for males and 1,800 for females, respectively. These numbers can vary based on age, activity level, sex, height, and weight.

Find your joy – find a hobby or activity that you love doing and participate regularly. Whether it is painting, writing, volunteering, gardening or dog walking, get out and do it. Doing things that bring happiness to your life also bring healthiness to your life. It will lower your stress, blood pressure, and depression. Enjoying a hobby will let your mind escape to a purely positive place.

Take these tips and put them into practice today to start enjoying a healthier, more fun-filled life.

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