What Are the Best Laboratory Equipments for Professionals?

Laboratory Equipments

For laboratories, it is always imperative to have the latest and high-quality equipment nowadays. Basically, for scientific researches, various types of equipment are used as this subject is different from any other subject. In order to understand the exact concept of the study, students often have to look beyond the books and experience the projects practically. For this reason, a laboratory is important. However, in a laboratory, there are always risks because of different chemicals usage, which is used for researches and for that, it has to be safe with quality laboratory equipment.

Basic information about laboratory equipment

There are a few essential types of equipment, which are important for a laboratory to have. These are described below with some relevant information.

  • Griffin Beakers: These are used to mix different chemicals and other processes, like, dissolving any solution, heat or get them cool along with holding the water baths.
  • Lab Burners: These tools are also known as the Bunsen Burners and these tools come in different styles. These tools generally run on propane, butane, and alcohol and are used especially for heating, burning or boiling solutions and also for melting chemicals.
  • Lab Stands: These stands are especially the support stands and these come in a lot of different styles like wire stands, tripods and so on. While comparing different styles of stands used in a laboratory, common support stand is more demanding and versatile as there are various clamps along with rings attached with the stand to hold several types of equipment at the same time. Other stands like wired and tripods are not able to do this.
  • Funnels: These tools are one of the essential laboratory equipments that are used to pour liquids into the narrow-mouthed containers like, flasks and bottles. These funnels can be made of plastic or glass with having a long or a short stem as this stem size depends on the purpose they are required for.
  • Test Tubes: These tubes are important for observing the reactions each of the chemicals does have. While mixing solutions, heating solutions or melting solids, checking the reaction of that certain process is essential to determine an outcome of that research.
  • Wash Bottles: These bottles are actually plastic bottles, which have nozzles at the top of the equipment. This nozzle is used for rinsing the glassware or disinfecting chemicals. Even the wash bottles can be used to pour any solution.


These are some of the pieces of laboratory equipment, which are used in a lab to allow students to gather information from their research. There are a lot of different types of equipment that are used in a lab and the above-discussed tools are some of them. In order to learn about various chemicals, students have to handle these tools by themselves and for that, these have to be safe for them to avoid accidents. You can buy top quality laboratory equipment from online shops to get the best quality products at affordable rates.

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