The Many Benefits of Pilates

Benefits of Pilates

If you have never tried a workout that includes Pilates, you probably don’t understand why so many people swear by this exercise. As Pilates becomes more and more popular and the classes are more accessible to people around the world, it is common for studios to offer these classes to the public. Taking a Pilates class does much more than simply provide a workout. For people who regularly practice Pilates, there are a number of health benefits that can completely change the way your body moves and how you interact with your body.

Strong Core

One of the main benefits of practicing Pilates on a regular basis is that you will quickly develop a strong core. The muscles that are strengthen during Pilates wrap around the body and are close to the spine. These abdominal muscles hold your body straight and help you to keep your balance. In addition to strengthening the core muscles, the trunk, shoulders, and pelvis all work together to keep your core strong and to help you move.

Move Efficiently

Because Pilates works several muscle groups all at once, you will learn how to have your body move in a fluid motion. Instead of jerky movements that we so often perform, Pilates will help you to retrain your body to be more efficient and smooth. These smooth movements will help you to heal from injuries as well as keep your posture great and improve your overall health.

Gentle Classes

Practicing Pilates in Scarborough allows you to engage in a gentle exercise that will transform your body without causing a lot of pain or trauma to your muscles and joints. These exercises are often performed on the ground in sitting or reclining positions, but that doesn’t make them easy. While they are low impact, they will still work your muscles and ensure that you are getting a great workout.


One of the main benefits of practicing Pilates is that you can modify the moves to suit your ability level. As mentioned, the moves are low impact and perfect for beginners, but can be made more difficult with easy modifications. Working with an expert in Pilates will ensure that your modifications are made at the right time to ensure that you are increasing the intensity as you improve, without working so hard that you will cause damage to your body.

Including Pilates in your workouts is a great way to strengthen your muscles while streamlining your body. Everyone knows that stretching is important, especially in conjunction with weight lifting, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Pilates classes are varied enough to hold your attention throughout them and are challenging enough to make sure that everyone stays focused.


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