Dealing with marital stress and depression – Can a marriage counselor help?

marital stress and depression

Half or more than half of the couples these days struggle with moderate and mild depression. It can be indeed very depressing to carry on with a distressed marriage and at the same time, living with a depressed partner can also be indeed distressing. Research reveals few clear findings from the condition of the distressed couples:

  • Distressed spouses are 3 times more prone to experiencing major depressive episodes rather than the non-distressed couples.
  • In case of unhappy marriages, 45% of the wives tend to remain depressed.
  • There is a 10-fold increase in depression among the newlyweds who are depressed martially.

The vicious impacts of depression on marriage

Depression is not the sole cause of divorces or distressed marriage but it is one among the many which leads to all sorts of marital issues. These are nothing but negative emotions which trigger all the unhappy events which keep piling and harming the union between the wife and the husband. As per the National Institute of Mental Health, around 15 million or the adult population of America suffer from depression every year. This figure is getting staggeringly high and now it has reached to more than 50% of the population.

How to save a relationship from breaking – Can couple therapy treatment help?

The couple has to undergo counseling together as the spouses have to comprehend the issues which can be caused due to negative feelings. The first step to understanding is to forgive the other and the unaffected spouse will become supportive of the required therapy. Marriage counselors, more about whom you may check out at, can assist the spouses to get to the depth of the conflict and assist them in gaining back communication. Seeking help of a professional licensed counselor has enough competence to address them for resolution of conflict.

Do counselors offer help before marriage?

There are even few marriage counselors who offer help before thee couples marry and this is even more beneficial as the couples get a clear idea about whether or not they should marry each other. It is always a preferred option to visit a marriage counselor before your marriage as this decreases future relationship issues. It is great to visit a counselor as soon as the problem starts to create a huge gap between the couple.

Therefore, if your marriage is going through several issues that you call it a distressed marriage, make sure you get help of a marriage counselor who can join hands with you and bring back the positive vibe in your relationship.

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