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Stretch marks are quite common and these are mostly seen in women after pregnancy. If your skin tends to stretch quickly and then shrink, stretch marks are formed. There is an abrupt change happening and this causes elastic as well as collagen and it supports the skin to crack. When this skin starts healing stretch marks are formed. There is also a role played here by the fluctuating hormone levels. If the people in your family have stretch marks, then there is a higher possibility of you having stretch marks as well.

There are a number of ways that will help you to remove stretch marks naturally and you can go through the points mentioned below to understand it better:

  • Cucumber along with lemon juice

There is a natural acid present in the lemon juice and this helps this in healing and reducing the scars. It has a soothing effect and also makes your skin look vibrant and fresh. For this you have to first mix cucumber and lemon juice in equal portions and then you have to apply this mixture in the area that has stretch marks. You have to leave it that way for another 10 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

  • Sugar can also help in removing stretch marks

You can make use of sugar to scrub your skin and this will also help in removing stretch marks. For this you have to mix 1 cup of sugar and had 1/4th of any softening agent along with it. You can either use coconut oil or almond oil as a softening agent. You can then add some lemon juice to the mixture. Then you have to scrub it in that area where there are stretch marks.. You have to then repeat it a number of times in one week and it is essential to rub this mixture for about 8 – 10 minutes. You can also make use of certain no scars cream.

  • Apricot mask and oil

There are some excellent exfoliating tendencies in apricots and these make them highly effective for removing scars. First you have to take around 2 – 3 apricots, cut them and then take out the seeds from them. Then you need to crush them ad apply them on the area that is affected. You have to leave it for about 15 minutes. You have to repeat this process daily for an entire month. You can also use pure apricot that has certain rejuvenating properties and therefore it reduces the stretch marks of the skin. Massage this oil mixing it with lemon juice and the stretch marks certainly be removed.

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also known as ritinoid. These help in making the skin look much smooth and also quite youthful. It is therefore used in a number of cosmetic creams as well. If you take vitamin A orally, even then your skin health will be improved to a great extent. The scar mark removal cream can also be immensely helpful and they are available online as well.

The ways that are mentioned above will certainly help in removing the scars or stretch marks from your body. Making use of a good scar cream might also be helpful.

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