Breaking the myths about MRI scans

MRI scans

Has your doctor recommended you to go for an MRI scan? Well there is nothing to be alarmed. Your doctor might be suspecting some internal injury or tissue damage because of which you will need to get an MRI scan, just to find out what exactly the problem and is then it can be treated accordingly.

Well when people hear about MRI scans, then tend to get a little sceptical and start to fear the worst, but relax, it is probably just a minor tissue damage which needs to be treated. There are a lot positive and negative ideas about this form of image processing. Here are a few hard facts that you need to know about an MRI scan so that you can dispel the myths about this process:

  1. Well what no mri scan centers in Chennai will be able to tell you is which is better- MRI or CT scan. While some people tend to go for the former, others often settle for the latter. So other than trying to figure out which one is the better option for you, let your doctor recommend it for you and you need to follow your doctor’s orders. This is something which best left to a professional, who will evaluate your situation and suggest which one you should go for.
  2. MRI scans are quite noisy and the machines are pretty huge. The machine needs to be kept in one room while the doctor sits at the other end of the computer, on which the image is generated. This takes place in another room, other than the one which has the MRI scanner. However patients need to not fear the process because there is an intercom in it and hence in case of any difficulty that the patient might have, they can inform the doctors with the help of the intercom.
  3. When you get an mri in Chennai or any other city for that matter, you need to make sure that you get it done at a centre which is of high repute and has an updated MRI scanner. A lot depends on the image that is generated which is best done by an MRI scanner which is updated. So make sure that when you take your pick of the centre you have good recommendations and you know the centre has a good scanner.
  4. MRI scans are not harmful as opposed to popular conception. It does not use x rays, but instead opts for radio waves and magnetic waves which do not harm the human body. Thus it is much safer and better than x rays or CT scans. In fact an MRI scan produces a clearer image of soft tissue than in a CT scan.
  5. And finally always remember that there are no necessary precautions that you need to take for an MRI. However seek the advice of your doctor if you are pregnant because the baby should not be exposed to radio waves or be in a strong magnetic field.

So, these are some of the main important points that you have to dispel all the myths when it comes to an MRI scan.

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