What Makes FFPE A Well-Established Method Of Preserving Tissues?

Method Of Preserving Tissues

FFPE stands for Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissues and considered as the most common source of archived material. And therefore Hospital pathologists, researchers and other universities associated to the field of research and treatment have followed this method for a long time to either take the second opinion or for another kind of later use during patient’s treatment. A wide list comes up in favor of FFPE making it the well-established method of preserving tissues. Let’s check it out more about it going through the below-mentioned points.

Cost Effective As FFPE Stores At Room Temperature

The best thing is that FFPE tissues can easily be stored at room temperature. It means extra efforts would not need to put in respect of maintaining an ideal temperature. And this makes it cheaper from other methods of preserving tissues. The best thing is that a variety of research-based authorized departments, hospitals etc., are using this method as it does not affect their budget fostering an advanced way of medical science. Earlier, it used to quite tough and costly to keep tissues having a fragile structure. Moreover, FFPE makes possible to preserve proteins in FFPE. Needless to say, FFPE is not only considered old but also a well-established method for tissues storage because of being quite cost-effective.

To Create A Wide Collection

Because of FFPE technique, it has become possible to create a wide collection of material to keep going on subsequent and in-depth study. The BioBanks having a variety of samples can remain safe for a very long time. Because of Biobanks, it becomes possible to get enough source of research material as well as to have a historical perspective. Moreover, this method is considered quite efficient since every slide can easily be used for studying approximately 50-500+ cases.

To Preserve Donated Or Collected Human/Animal Tissues –

Moreover, FFPE also helps researchers to keep donated human tissues or collected animal tissue so that in-depth study could be carried later on. “Biobanks” is regarded as an official name of these archives (collected/donated tissues) and being used in universities and hospitals to go with assiduous research to come up with the best way of treatment.

Immunohistochemistry – FFPE Is The Most Frequently Used

Talking about immunohistochemistry, paraffin embedded tissue is the most used. In this method, tissues sections are placed on a slide and then showered with a solution having antibodies making possible to bind protein and structure sophisticatedly. Moreover, Antibodies can easily be seen using stains. It makes possible to spot what and where the proteins are available in the achieved sample. And this fact is essential to study when it comes to studying diseases.

The above-mentioned points show clearly that what makes FFPE high in demand in the medical field. Needless to say that it has made quite easier for the researcher to go with assiduous research as the needed tissues will stay safe and would not perish because of preserving tissues following an ideal method called FFPE.

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