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Stoner Monkey Has Bong For Sale

Are you a marijuana lover? Do you prefer rolling joints or blunts for yourself or your pals when they visit you? The process can be exhausting when you have a big group of smoke connoisseurs with you. No one will want to let go of the stick, and you might need to make more than one. In that case, you as well as your buddies should try a bong. If you do not know what it is, then you will want to own one immediately after reading this article. A bong is not only an artistic glass item but also a fashionable and healthy way to get high.

The anatomy of a bong

The word bong originates from the word “baung” which means a cylindrical container made from bamboo. Evidence of the presence of these smoking vessels is seen in history, as far back as the 16th century and used in several nations. Nowadays, bongs are made of borosilicate glass and resemble a hookah. The science behind it is simple yet very effective. It uses water as a mode of filtration and cooling. If explained ordinarily, bongs are tall water pipes through which you smoke your favorite herb, minus the impurities. Bongs can be of plastic, ceramic or even metal.

Positivity of using a bong

As mentioned before, bongs require water which acts as a filtering material. When you smoke a joint, you often experience small bits of the crushed plant slipping into your mouth. That is quite disturbing. Besides, it is the hot smoke that irritates your lungs. Firstly, as the smoke passes through the water, it gets encapsulated in water bubbles. This incident cools the smoke down. Secondly, the increased distance between your mouth and the glass neck of the bong lowers the temperature even further. The other specialty of a bong is that enables you to get larger hits of the smoke you love so much. A joint is about two inches long whereas a bong’s neck reaches up to twelve inches. Do the math yourself.

Welcome to the smoker’s bar

By now, you should have curiosity peeping through the corner of your mind about a trial of this alluring contraption. To possess one, all you need to do is visit a marijuana savant’s outlet. It is highly likely that you can have reasonable prices at bong for sale Canada Thermodynamix. You will also find several varieties of bongs here. Remember, if you are a non-smoker, then also you will make up space for it in your house as an ornamental work of art.

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