Can You Prevent a Syphilis Infection? Here Are Some Tips

Syphilis Infection

Many people are infected with syphilis. This infection is spread through unprotected sexual contact. However, if you are responsible, you can prevent syphilis. It is important for you to use condoms or opt for dental dams when you have sexual intercourse with a partner. Some simple tips will help you prevent a syphilis infection, and they have been outlined below-

Tips to prevent a syphilis infection

This contagious disease affects you when you indulge in sexual intercourse with a person who suffers from it. It is recommended by doctors not to have oral sex with such a person as this will increase your chances of getting the infection. It is advised that you use safe sex practices with your partner each time you come into physical contact with one another.

Go for regular check-ups

Moreover, you should see your doctor and undergo screening to ensure you do not suffer from other sexually transmitted ailments. An Elisa test will determine whether you have syphilis or not. There are several phases of the disease and an Elisa result interpretation by a doctor will help you ascertain the level of infection you have. There will be a series of blood tests and examinations that are conducted. With the aid of them, you will come to know at which phase of syphilis you are in. A treatment plan will be devised as per the results of the Elisa test.

Spread awareness and educate others on preventive measures

In case you are suffering from this contagious disease, you can prevent other people from being infected by this disorder in the following manner:

  • Take the responsibility to inform people with you are having a sexual relationship that you are suffering from this disease. This gives them the chance to undergo certain medical tests to determine whether or not they have come in contact with this infection.
  • Avoid taking part in any form of sexual intercourse with anyone until the doctors cure you of this disease. You can resume such activities only when these experts eradicate the bacteria causing this disorder from your body.
  • You should also encourage the person with whom you are currently having a relationship with to see a medical professional. After undergoing a thorough treatment and being cured of the disease should they indulge in sexual activities with any other person including you?
  • After being thoroughly cured of this disease, you and your partner can resume regular sexual intercourse. However, it is important for both of you to use a latex condom every time you indulge in this activity.

Informing someone that you are suffering from syphilis or another sexually transmitted ailments can be embarrassing for you. There is always a possibility that such an individual may regard you as irresponsible if you hide the infection from them. However, medical practitioners say that syphilis is curable with the aid of anti-bacterial medicines and penicillin. It is always prudent on your part, to be frank and have a direct conversation with your partner. This will enable both of you to see a specialist and cure yourselves of this infection. You both should be socially responsible to spread the disease and place your lives at risk!

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