Why is infertility no more a taboo?

infertility no more a taboo

Infertility was considered as a taboo in our society for a long time that people refused to talk about it. Even friends felt embarrassed to talk about infertility. The main reason for this was, infertility was not predominant. Those days, the main reason for infertility was genetically related issues. This was the only reason which had a huge number. Infertility due to other reasons was negligible. The society also took a stand to blame the women for everything. We all know that male infertility is very common than female infertility but there was no awareness during those times. Even if the male counterpart is infertile, they will never get to know and they keep blaming the women for this. Fertility centres and hospitals were not predominant like these times and people never knew why this is happening and all they had was to place their hopes on god.

Low sperm count and problems in transportation of sperm are the major reasons for male infertility. A fertility expert will be able to diagnose the underlying cause of infertility. Testes whose function is to produce sperms do not produce health sperms which are so weak to travel and would die in the transition. Others include vasectomy which is a blockage in sperm transporting nodes. In any fertility clinic in Mumbai, the first step would be an evaluation process which is to test your semen and for a female, it is the vaginal ultrasound which typically evaluates the health of the vagina.

The most important thing you should tell the doctor is your family history of infertility, your lifestyle and habits and your previous medical history. All these will help in evaluating the fertility quotient of any person. A fertility quotient is a value assigned to the fertility health of a person. This value determines your fertility health and how likely you are in entering parenthood.

Most of us think that infertility can be reversed as it is a natural process. Yes, it can be but there is also the time associated with it. No one really knows when and how it can be reversed. There are a lot of advertisements which are coming up on the television saying they cure infertility and reverse the condition in a month but the reality of these quick servicing centres are very different. A group of the best infertility doctors in Pune ruled out curing or reversing infertility in a month. Our body cannot change so quickly and abruptly. This will only lead to some kind of nerve disorders when we try to change the balance in a short period. This could be true as we all know that our body takes its own sweet time to heal.

Finally, we would like to say that infertility is not a disease but a condition by which you lose the capacity to conceive. Infertility is also very common and it is on a rise in the recent years due to the lifestyle of the people.

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