What Influences Kratom Effects On The Body?

Kratom Effects On The Body

Kratom powder or capsule are now becoming very popular across the United States. There are many reasons for it. The first one is the health benefits. Those who are suffering from severe to mild anxiety disorder prefer kratom over the chemically based drugs. Today, you can easily buy kratom online bulk. It is a plant belongs to the plant of coffee family and grows in South East Asia due to certain weather conditions. Today, many people have started using it in the country. However, there are still many doubts among the users about kratom. One of the most common doubts is how much it takes till the dose start showing its effects or what are the factors that influence the effect of kratom on the human body.

There are a few variables that matter the most when it comes to determining how long kratom would stay in the system of the body. So here are the few things that you should know about kratom consumption and how long the effects last.


It is noticed that older people remain under the influence of kratom more than younger people. If your age is sixty-five or above then you might feel the effect of kratom on your body for a longer time. This is not the case only with kratom, but also with the consumption of other substances. There are a number of factors such as physical changes due to age, renal function, and consumption of other medications along with it. So if you are in your old age then you should be prepared for it.

Body Fat:

One more reason that kratom affects differently to each user is the body fat. To eliminate the alkaloids of kratom the percentage of one’s body fat plays a crucial role. It is noted that person with higher body fat remains under the influence of kratom more than the person with lower body fat. It stays in the metabolism of a person for a longer time. Users with low body fat are more likely to excrete kratom faster than others.

Food and Water Consumption:

If you are taking kratom along with a meal high in fat then you are more likely to make the absorption faster. It also affects how long it would take to reach the kratom at its best levels. If the user is not properly hydrated then also kratom takes time to be excreted via urine.


There are also certain genetic grades and enzymes that might matter in the rate at which kratom is eliminated from the user’s system.

Along with these factors, there are a number of other factors that should be considered. Your metabolic rates and renal function also play a vital role in determining how long a dose of kratom lasts in your body. The dose you take also matters and your choice of kratom strain also plays an important role. Different types of kratom plants come with different levels of mitragynine. Kratom plants that are harvested in South East Asia have higher levels of mitragynine rather than kratom plants which have grown in greenhouses.

So all you need to do is to find a reliable vendor and keep trying different strains to find out which one suits you the most. This will also help you in not developing the tolerance for kratom. Only the genuine products come with the benefits, so the one mistake you should avoid is to going for cheaper kratom products and ending up with poor quality.

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