Weight-loss pills can help, So why don’t more people use them?

Weight-loss pills

Losing weight is something that is a dream for millions. For a long time, doctors have been experimenting with medicines for weight loss.  Their strive for developing weight loss pills is an acknowledgment that shedding weight is a matter of being strong-willed and restricting from the delicacies that you have grown up with.

With developing research, there is a news that weight gain is responsible for altering the conditions of body and brain. Starving will not help to reverse the variations. Gradually pounds keep on loading at the back because the brain thinks it will be useful.

Overview of Weight Loss Perceptions

People who have significant kilos on them know how difficult it is to shed weight.  In reality, changes in lifestyle are effective for weight loss, prevention, and measures to stop regain the weight is what is most stressful. According to doctors, there are several neurochemical reasons. However, people refrain from using weight loss pills, why? Apparently, the bias for this remains rooted in the stigma attached to weight loss.

FDA has the approval for five weight loss pills, that are good for long term purposes. This means that these medicines had gone for a good number of trials before getting the right certification. For example, a medicine called Xenical is a fat blocker, Contrave which works on the brain and stops the urge for craving, and Belviq helps to overcome appetite.

However, these meds have been taken out from the market due to several other health reasons. In other words, now FDA has to undergo strict measures for safety before signing the approval for medicines. Despite the good safety profiles, doctors do not prefer to prescribe medicines to people. This is the exact place where the prejudice for weight loss pills comes in. Let me give you two reasons

  • Till today there are several physicians who do not regard obesity as a disease or an issue. Same goes for parents as well. They do not feel that weight gain is a neuroendocrine disorder which demands medical attention. However, you will find people having judgments for obese individuals, this proves a lack of awareness of biological mechanisms. Doctors feel talking about weight gain and loss to people will be taken as shaming statements.
  • We do not have sufficient drugs to treat weight loss issues. On the other hand, we have pills for hypertension and other additional therapeutic categories. However, people with obesity outnumber people with hypertension. And, we only have five mere approved medicines for them.

Drug Companies Suffers from Stigma

Companies that sell drugs, insurance companies, and federal regulations are reluctant due to the stigma attached to obesity. They too believe that with diet and exercise, people can overcome weight gain, so why to invest in preparing drugs?

In fact, weight gain or obesity is a disease just like diabetes and hypertension. It has a psychological influence and affects behavior and brain functioning. We all know diet and exercise are fundamental aspects of losing weight but have you ever seen people referring medicines for weight loss? You will not come across people in your daily life that suggests pills for weight loss. Alternatiovely, you will be given advice on the side effects. In fact, weight gain might be the reason for hypertension and other diseases, shedding weight can help reduce other ailments too!

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