Tup Ingram 3 Medical Benefits of Abdominoplasty Procedures for Young Mothers

Benefits of Abdominoplasty Procedures for Young Mothers

After childbirth, many women find their stomach region becomes sluggish. Doctors say this is because the abdominal muscles in this area become weak. Moreover, the skin in the region also loses its elasticity. They explain it is an outcome of the extreme changes the bodies of these individuals experience during their pregnancy. However, such young mothers feel the condition makes them look unattractive. This is why they go to great lengths to regain their former pre-pregnancy figure. This is where abdominoplasty procedure comes into the picture to help them achieve their objective. Most people outside the medical profession refer to this cosmetic surgery like a tummy tuck treatment.

Tup Ingram Why are so many young mothers opting to take abdominoplasty procedures?

Tup Ingram is a prominent plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Nashville, Tennessee. This Southwestern Medical Center graduate specializes and conducts all forms of cosmetic surgical procedures. However, he doesn’t perform craniofacial operations. He many years of experience in this field. This is why his peers consider him to be an expert who doesn’t hesitate to consult. People from different parts of America visit him for their treatments including those from the state of Florida. This is the extent of his popularity in this country. In recognition of his services to the public, many prominent medical associations consider him as their member. These include the Tennessee Medical Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Medical Association. He also has strong links to popular humanitarian organizations who provide necessary medical care to the poor. These are Operation Smile, Habitat for Humanity and Doctors Without Borders.

Dr. Ingram says many people think young mother only undergo abdominoplasty procedures to regain their pre-pregnancy figures. However, they are unaware of the three most important medical benefits of this cosmetic surgical treatment. These are as follows:

  1. Enhances the patient’s overall posture

Women recovering from childbirth suffer from a condition which doctors refer to a ‘lordosis.’ It causes them to sway back every time they try to stand erect. This is because the muscles in their abdomen become weak.

In many cases, many of them complain about experiencing severe back pain. Undergoing an abdominoplasty under the supervision of proficient cosmetic surgeon rectifies this issue. The reduction in stubborn fat deposits helps to strengthen the muscles in a patient’s stomach region. This gives her spine the necessary it needs.

  1. Address the problem of urinary incontinence

During pregnancy, women develop a condition which doctors call ‘stress urinary incontinence.’ In simple terms, it means they urinate at very odd times because of the anxiety of childbirth. During an abdominoplasty operation, the surgeon inserts a soft tissue in the patient’s bladder. This helps to control the movements of this vital organ.

  1. Cures hernias

Women who undergo a cesarean section to bring their newborns into this world develop ventral hernias. This happens when the intestine enters the abdominal wall of the patient’s body. It occurs as muscles in the adjoining area of her stomach become weak. An abdominoplasty operation can help address this issue.

Tup Ingram says an abdominoplasty operation can boost the self-esteem of young mothers. This is why many of these women consider it an integral part of mommy makeover treatment. However, they need to understand that this cosmetic surgery is not risk-free. This is why they need to consult a proficient expert before taking any decision.

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