Top Health Benefits of Tea

Benefits of Tea

The benefits of tea drinking were laid down some 5000 years ago by Emperor Shennong and claimed that tea is a health tonic. Tea has 800 to 1000 percent more Polyphenols and Flavonoid antioxidants than vegetables and fruits, substances which are responsible for preventing and reverse the DNA and cellular damage caused by the free radicals.

The black tea in Australia can easily be bought either from a local store or online. The more the tea is fermented, lesser the level of antioxidants. The best way to get health from drinking tea is to brew it for 1-5 minutes. The following is a sum up of a few health benefits of tea.

Improves the heart health: 

3 to 4 cups a day helps in reducing the risk of a heart stroke. This happens as tea reduces the level of cholesterol and oxidative stress in the body and improves dilation of the blood vessel. It also reduces the triglycerides and atherosclerosis.

Prevents the occurrence of cancer: 

Regular tea consumption is associated with fighting free radicals and reduction in the abnormal cell growth. Thus, serious cancers like lung, ovarian, oral, digestive and skin is easily avoided with the help of tea. There is an inverse relationship between the consumption of tea and rectal, colon and pancreatic cancers.

Helps in improving the oral health: 

The Polyphenols present in the tea helps in avoiding the occurrence of plaque and other bacterial infections in the mouth, which leads to bad breath. It also curbs the growth of germs which are responsible for cavities and strep infections. Fluoride- which is important for creating strong, tooth enamel is also said to be found in the black tea.

  • Makes the liver and kidney function better: 

When the vital organ like kidney and liver are not functioning effectively, there is a problem of iron absorption in the body. And in such a scenario, there is a heavy load of iron in the body which affects the major organs. The antioxidants present in the tea blocks the iron absorption. Also the formation of kidney stones can be eradicated with regular consumption of tea.

  • Helps in reducing the fats from the body: 

One of the common factors contributing to increased weight is slower metabolic rate. People who are slim and fit are always found to have a very good metabolism, which helps them in burning fats faster and be energetic. Tea consumption helps in boosting the body’s metabolism and help in reducing weight faster. Tea also helps in better usage of insulin and glucose in the body and generates heat, which again results in reduction of weight.

  • Fights Osteoporosis: 

The BMD- bone mineral density indicates the mineral content in the bones. The higher the BMD, the better is the bone health. By consuming tea regularly, there is an increase the minerals leading to good bone health, which affects the mobility of the body, especially in older age.

  • Alertness: 

People with anxiety disorders, stomach ulcers, kidney problems and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers shall avoid caffeine.

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