To Take Skincare Sojourn at its Zenith!

Skincare Sojourn at its Zenith

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon to start the day with a dry skin or sometimes on using excess of cream left you unsatisfied especially when you wake up in the morning, the night cream you had applied had left your skin a greasy type of mess. So when it comes to the best skin care products 2018, the most discussed topic is the ingredients of the products, and particularly vitamin C, which happens to be one of the major ingredients in beauty treatment right now.

If you want to give your skin a brighter and even tone with a beautiful and youthful glow then growth of collagen production is a must. According to beauty experts, skin specialists, dermatologists and skin care experts, the potent antioxidant is the main required ingredient for boosting collagen production.

Now a days, there’s a new addition to the list of best skin care products 2018 ingredients that is powder. Actually vitamin C is not stable or productive in a lot of skin care product. What it basically do is, it oxidizes every time whenever the mouth of the jar is opened, thus resulting in breaking down and becoming less effective. This is the reason best skin care products 2018 introduced powder.

According to dermatologists of New York, when vitamin C powder is mixed into the other products, it becomes more and more stable. These doesn’t specifically happen with lotions and serum because ingredients in the serums and lotions contains water and lacks powder which causes the breakdown of vitamin C. At aqueous solutions such as serums, lotions and moisturizers, vitamin C remains stable since here the pH is under 3.5. As a result, powders go for higher concentrations as compared to serum or lotions.

Now there can be a question that what kinds of products can be mixed with vitamin C powder? The mixture process must be done according to the directions given the packaging. This is because all powders do not work in the same way. It varies most of the time. For example, some of the powders must be directly mixed into lotions or moisturizers. Some need to be dissolved in water to get it absorbed effectively first before mixing it with the serums.

But we assure you that you won’t regret on buying the Popular Skin Care Products in 2018. There is a small suggestion for people who are eager to experiment with the skin care products, you can use the two new vitamin C powders: Best skin care product C Powder and best skin care product C Face Brightening Powder.

Obviously people with sensitive skin worries before using a brand new product. So we will advise you to do a test of the product before applying it to your entire face just to make sure whether your skin is suitable with it or not.  Basically these powders are a bit concentrated, so skin can be a bit more irritated but trust us it won’t harm you at all.


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