The Rising Importance of STD Testing

STD Testing

Testing for sexually transmitted disease or STD is something that everyone must get done. Contrary to popular belief, everyone is at risk of contracting STDs, not just those at high risk. STD directly effects the patient as well others that they are connected to. Most people today end up taking for granted how common STDs are and how critical it is to get diagnosed in time. With the availability of online medical stores like Smart Medical Buyer, you can procure test kits just as easily as procuring BP apparatus.

STDs often show symptoms that mirror other common diseases, making it increasingly difficult to look out for them without taking a test. Some STDs are also accompanied by flu-associated symptoms like fever, muscle aches, sore throat and the like. As a result, it is common for STD symptoms to be masked and not paid attention to.

There are also some STDs that are entirely asymptomatic i.e. they show absolutely no symptoms at all. Such STDs are even more dangerous because it is extremely difficult to detect the disease without proper testing and track its progress. The patient and the person contracting it from them may be entirely unaware that they’re sick at all. As long as STDs are detected in time, they can be treated with ease and minimum side effects. On the other hand, if not paid attention to, incurable viral STDs such as HIV AIDS, herpes or hepatitis can lead to long term illness and even loss of life if left untreated.

Here are the top 5 reasons why STD testing is becoming increasingly important:

STD Testing is not part of routine check-ups

You may visit a doctor or clinic for regular checkups and come home feeling like you’ve done your bit to take care of yourself. However, routine check ups often miss STD testing as part of the checklist. While some patients refrain from specifically asking for a test because of social stigma or embarrassment, others are ill informed or lack enough information about the importance of testing. 

Treatment is possible

Many STDs todays are treatable as long as they are caught in time. The deciding factor here is the extent to which the disease has spread and in what stage it’s diagnosed. Most STDs are known to be responsive to treatment and can be managed with minimal side effects.

Risk for Women

Unfortunately, STD testing is not always a part of routine check ups or pap smears for women – you must request for them specifically. Women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant are at an especially higher risk of contracting STDs. In this case, not only the woman but also her unborn child are prone to serious risks incase an STD exists and goes undetected. Many STDs also may be supplemented with high risk of miscarriage or pre-mature delivery. As long as the mother is cautious and gets tested in time, today’s advanced medical facilities may be able to prevent the STD from spreading to the unborn child.

Not all symptoms show

Many STDs have symptoms that are associated with other common diseases such as flu and fever. There are also other STDs that may show no specific symptoms at all. As a result, it is more important than ever to get regular STD testing so you can be clear and ensure you and your partner are not at risk.

Timing is key

When it comes to treatment, timely detection is key. The earlier an STD is diagnosed, the higher the chances of complete treatment with minimal side effects. This is especially important in case of life-threatening STDs that may prove to be fatal if left untreated.

Different STDs have different ways of showing up – syphilis may appear in the form of rashes, gonorrhea and chlamydia may show no symptoms at all. Most of these diseases are easy to cure as long as they are detected in time. This is what makes STD testing so important. Up until a few years ago, the only way to diagnose HIV was to visit a clinic but today the same can be done from the comfort of your home. With an HIV test kit, you can get results almost instantly – often within just minutes. Early identification of STDs is extremely important in successful treatment and survival with the disease. With trusted online retailers such as Smart Medical Buyer, you now have easy access to home tests and medical equipment ranging from BP apparatus to required medication. It’s always best to be safe and tested as opposed to dealing with the negative repercussions of avoiding STD testing.

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