Splankna – the Pseudo Science


You may have gone through some deep trauma at some point of time in your life, and you surely are aware of the kind of emotional roller coaster that you feel you are on. A lot of individuals take the help of a psychiatrist or the mental doctor as it is commonly called; while some do benefit from it, there are some who do not get any positive result and it is actually a very expensive affair. The Splankna Therapy, a pseudo science , based on Christian beliefs could be useful in such a situation.

The central belief of this therapy is that it is the subconscious mind that drives the mental issues of an individual, and this is stored within the body in the form of energies. Often you may have been faced with anxiety issues when you keep trying to be calm and tell yourself assuring things like, “I am fine” or “I am safe” or “I can handle this”; but in reality you are not able to believe in it. This is because of the sub conscious mind which is not under your control.

The Splankna Therapy uses the meridian system of the body, the same thing that the acupuncturists and the chiropractors use, to go to the root of the symptom and try and rectify things at both the conscious and sub conscious level of the being, which is known as the mind-body. The origin of Splankna is embedded in several psychology protocols such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Thought Field Therapy, and Neuro-Emotional Technique. The literal meaning of the Splankna is ‘gut’ or the subconscious.

Though this therapy has a strong Christian connotation not all Christians tend to believe or rely on it, because they often get confused with the energy aspect of it. They fail to relate the energy with the faith mostly relate it to the Eastern thought. But those practice this therapy,  actually place all their trust on God who is the Creator of everything, including the energies within the human body, and amalgamate the aspect of energy with the belief system for the greater glory of God and their personal healing.

The Splankna therapists rely on an energy that is nothing like the electromagnetic energy or the monochromatic radiations from other parts of the electromagnetic gamut; instead this is the energy that pervades the entire universe. Their belief is that it is this energy that stores the string emotions of a trauma within the mind body.

Through the therapy this storage system can be accessed by means of which the body can be facilitated to release the stored emotional charges that are causing the particular symptoms. The treatment of a patient through the Splankna Therapy is done by attending to the diverse forms of mind body. Typically, a session begins with a testing of the muscles, following this the practitioner selects a method from among the many to access the mind body of the patient physically and make changes in it.


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