Pulsing Away the Imperfections

Pulsing Away the Imperfections

Today’s society is all about the fountain of youth. We all strive to look our best!  With new technologies, our chances of reaching our beauty goals are more likely to be achieved. One of the hottest new technologies is the Dynamic Pulse Control or DPC. Clients and business owners should all be partaking in the benefits of the Rapid DPC.

Dynamic Pulse Control was introduced to the world in 2006. The basis for this invention was to build upon and exceed the limitations of ILP, or intense pulsed light. Intense pulsed light was introduced in the 1990s.

Rapid DPC is a machine which has three pulse options — smooth, long, and high pulse. There are also three hand options to allow for a precise placement and result. Treatment with dynamic pulse control is more effective with more permanent results.

Rapid DPC is used for the treatment of many different issues in both men and women’s faces as they mature in age. Hair removal is accomplished with great results using this machine. There is minimal discomfort during the procedure and permanent results that customers will be happy with. Dynamic Pulse Control does this by heating the growth follicles to the point of coagulation, therefore limiting re-growth. Other issues treated with this machine are acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmented and vascular lesions.

Rapid DPC is also a very cost effective option for clinics wanting to add this service to their lineup.  By adding this service, the number of clientele would increase. This, of course, means more income for your business. Another reason for cost effectiveness is the lack of consumables needed. With this machine, you will not need to purchase gels or creams on a regular basis. The investment in a Rapid DPC is one that pays for itself.

The Rapid DPC is a great innovation with an easy setup and use. It has pre-set parameters making the interface user friendly. Nurses or doctors will not spend a lot of time figuring out how to use the machine; they will be able to promptly deliver results to their clients.

Rapid DPC is built upon the technology of using pulsed light to achieve one’s standard of beauty. With this product, your clients will have shorter treatment periods and better results. The cost effectiveness makes this a must have for clinics who want to expand their business. Investing in the Rapid DPC means investing in the technology of the future. Allowing clients to experience the amazing results of the Rapid DPC allows your clinic to grow and your clients to leave feeling like a million bucks.


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