Pregnancy tips: Essential nutrients required by the pregnant woman

Pregnancy tips

Pregnancy, be it for the first, second or any number of time can be really exciting if certain aspects are followed. The health of the baby in the woman and that of the to-be mother should be taken proper care. According to the health experts, it is only good care that can help the child and the mother to be in the best of health and the delivery will be completely smooth and less painful. As a matter of fact, consuming healthy and nutritious food during the different stages of pregnancy is stated to be the right way to promote good health. It is only proper and balanced healthy food combined with better lifestyle that can help prevent infertility issues.

Some useful nutrients to be taken by the pregnant woman

One can avail pregnancy magazine in Hindi that would have useful tips and suggestions on the different types of food to be consumed by the pregnant woman. Knowing them will be beneficial to stay protected and enjoy safe delivery of a healthy and bonny child.

  • Whole grains: These are considered to be amazing sources of essential nutrients necessary for pregnant women. Glucose levels are promoted in blood by carbohydrates. However, whole grains are regarded to be fiber rich foods combined with carbohydrates. The latter is absorbed slowly by the body and does not contribute towards increase in the level of diabetes in blood. Besides this, vital micro nutrients and B complex vitamins help to promote smooth pancreas function. Healthy insulin levels do promote fertility naturally.
  • Plant protein: Although there are available synthetic based protein foods in the market, choosing plant based ones are really healthy and safe. It is required to produce energy in the body and is good for fertility. There is high protein amount in green pulses, ground nuts, legumes, sprouts and soy beans. Besides this, it will be useful to consume foods rich in iron and other essential nutrients to help promote fertility. Poultry chicken, liver and red meat, although rich in protein are not suggested for pregnant women.
  • Animal based products: Pregnant women are not usually recommended to take much non-vegetarian food. Alternatively, they can choose egg yolk and milk, which has essential nutrients. Eggs have HDL cholesterol and calcium, good for promoting healthy heart. There is sufficient amount of protein and calcium in milk. Calcium is necessary for formation of zygote bone. Prawns and sea fish are rich sources of protein and Omega 3 acids and to develop the cell blocks.
  • Folic acid: This is crucial for all pregnant women as it helps in spine and brain formation. Such developments take place during the 3rd and 4th Intake of folic acid one month prior to pregnancy can help prevent autism in children.

Therefore, going through the above pregnancy tips in Hindi and going through the leading health portals will help the woman to enjoy her pregnancy stages and have good food to deliver bonny, healthy child.

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